Trix Bunny To Be Replaced With New Rabbit That Survived Animal Testing


DETROIT, Michigan –

Few people know that the cartoon Trix rabbit, designed by Joe Harris, was actually based of an actual lab rabbit. After eating Trix cereal, the rabbit went crazy for more as if the cereal was crack. Even though he was hopelessly addicted to cereal, he did not suffer any health consequences.

“We’ve had the Trix bunny as the spokesanimal for so long, that people have forgotten the story,” said Galdwell. “But now it’s time to teach the world that there’s a new bunny in town, and he’s survived, too.”

The Trix rabbit will temporarily be replaced by Cinnabun, the lucky rabbit who survived when he was fed a new version of Trix cereal. To meet changing consumer demand, cereal giant General Mills has had to change their recipes, favoring all-natural ingredients.

Malcolm Galdwell, who worked on the new recipe says, “General Mills cares about children, so they test out all their new cereals on lab animals. The cereals must pass a rat test first. Then if the recipe makes it through that round, then it goes to the rabbit round. After that, it is considered safe for children. Changing the recipe to more natural products, while making it just as addictive, was quite difficult. Cinnabun nearly died, but was able to pull through at the last minute.”


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