Woman Drives SUV Into Store Because They Are Out Of Crystal Pepsi



When Noella Fay, 45, found out her local Safeway was out of Crystal Pepsi, she did not take the news well. Fay was asked to leave after repeatedly demanding employees “get more from the back.” Shift leader, Rich York threatened to call the police if Fay did not leave the store, after assuring the disgruntled customer they were completely out of the product.

Shortly thereafter Fay returned, droving her SUV into the store down an aisle to the back of the store. She then backed up and drove between the check stands and the aisles and drove out the other doors. No one was injured, according to Sgt. Rich Charboneau , but the Chevrolet Tahoe left the store in tatters.

“It goes without saying that we are just grateful that no customers or employees were harmed in our Springfield Safeway this morning,” said Jill McGinnis, communications manager with Safeway.

Police found Fay’s SUV abandoned. Officers arrested Fay at her home.

Now, Fay’s sister and husband want the public to know: that isn’t the Noella Yvonne Fay they know and love. The 43-year-old has bipolar 1 disorder, according to her husband and sister.

Fay’s medication had recently been modified, her sister said.

“I think her doctors may have been a little negligent, honestly,” Fay’s sister Joeleen Alcantar said. “If you look at her record, you know her mom just died. You know, she’s going two or three days a month with not getting a lot of sleep – and you’re OK to lower that medication? You kidding me?”

Alcantar said Fay used to work as a case worker. She lost her job after a manic episode.

Her family says they’ve called police for help in the past.

“You call the cops, and the cops tell you: ‘Sorry, there’s nothing you can do ’til she hurts herself or hurts others’,” her husband Brian Fay said. “Well, that’s what it took to get her in there.”

The Fays have a daughter and son together.

But she had been in and out of the home over the last few days. She lost her cell phone, and family members weren’t able to keep track of her whereabouts.

Now Fay is in the Lane County Jail, facing criminal charges. What happens next is up to the district attorney, police said.

“Just a question for you guys,” Alcantar asked. “How would you feel if that was your child in Safeway and she went in there? You would hate her if anything happened to your child. I hate the system, because something is going to happen to my sister. She’s a victim, too.”

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