Woman Arrested After Shoplifting Turkey From Grocery Store By Hiding It In Her Vagina

ATLANTA, Georgia – 

An Atlanta women was arrested after allegedly shoplifting a turkey from a Kroger grocery store by hiding the bird inside of her vagina.

Police were called by the store manager to the location on Delaware Ave. Thursday evening after security cameras caught the woman taking a full-sized frozen turkey from the refrigerator section, lifting her skirt, and attempting to insert the Butterball “Plump & Juicy” turkey product inside herself.

“It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen,” said store manager Joe Goldsmith. “This woman must have had balls of steel to try and pull this off. Well, actually, in retrospect, I suppose she must not have had any balls at all, otherwise she’d have had nowhere to put it.”

The woman, Shaniqua Rogers of 345 Elm Plaza, was arrested and taken into police custody. She is being charged with theft and public display of indecency. She is scheduled for arraignment on November 1st. According to police, Rogers claimed she was trying to get an “early jump” on Thanksgiving turkeys.

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