Store Made Famous On ‘Pawn Stars’ Robbed At Gunpoint


LAS VEGAS, Nevada – 

At the beginning of each episode of Pawn Stars, shop owner and star of the series Rick Harris says “you never know what may come in [the store]” and on Wednesday evening, that saying proved all the more true, as a gang of masked intruders made their way into the store with shotguns and pistols.

“We are a heavily armed store, and the doors are usually locked,” said Harris, who has owned the shop with his family for years. “We’ve actually never been robbed the entire time we’ve been here, but the History Channel show has given us a lot more notoriety, so we’re a bigger target.”

According to Harris, the thieves made way with over $250,000 in cash and merchandise, mostly sports memorabilia and coins.

“The store will be closed for a few weeks while things are sorted out, and the show is on a current hiatus anyway, so if there was ever a good time to be robbed, it was now,” said Rick. “Thankfully, I got a buddy of mine who knows a thing or two about property insurance, so I gave him a call and he’s coming down to help out.”

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