Bruce Jenner Praised As ‘American Hero,’ Transgender People Everywhere Bored By News

Bruce Jenner Praised As 'American Hero,' Transgender People Everywhere Bored By News


During an interview with Dianne Sawyer, Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner, best known now for being the former step-father to the clan of Kardashian whores, described his transformation from once-proud man into a now-proud woman. The interview was watched by dozens of people, but so far no transgender people have come forward to say that they had any interest in the interview.

“If it had been someone relevant that they were talking to, then it might have been worth watching,” said Melissa Reynolds, a transgender woman. “Bruce Jenner is just…I mean¬†look at him.¬†He’s a nightmare. American hero? Please. Millions of other people have gone through everything he’s going through, but they didn’t get a damn Dateline interview.”

“I don’t care a dick about Bruce Jenner, personally,” said another transgender woman, Vanessa Royale. “He was on a Wheaties box when my mom was a kid, but I didn’t eat Wheaties anyway, so I can’t be bothered to care. If anything, Laura Jane Grace from the punk band Against Me! is the one they should have been talking to. If they want to teach people about transgender issues, especially young people, having someone they can relate to a little better than Bruce Friggin’ Jenner might have been a better idea.”

Jenner, who is on his way fully becoming a woman, says he has no issue with pronouns, and is comfortable being referred to as either ‘he’ or ‘she,’ and just wants to be allowed to live his life as he sees fit.

“They said that the interview was going to be one that everyone talked about, but I don’t know anyone talking about it,” said Reynolds. “He’s not an American hero for becoming a woman. He was an Olympic hero, sure, but now, he’s just another transgender person who is trying to become what he feels he is on the inside. That’s not heroism, and talking about something that many, many other people have been dealing with or dealt with for years isn’t heroism either. He’s just another part of the pack, now.”

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