Cailtlyn Jenner Says She Is ‘Bored’ Being a Woman, Plans On Transitioning Back to Being ‘Bruce’


LOS ANGELES, California – 

The world’s most famous transgender person, and total obnoxious asshole Caitlyn Jenner, says that she has become “completely bored” being a woman, and thinks it’s time that she transitions back to a men, and goes back to being just “plain old Bruce.”

“Being a girl is fun for a bit. I have some bitchin’ tits, and yeah, I got rid of my penis, but I miss it. We were together a long time,” says Jenner. “I think I’d like to have it back. I walk through my house, and I see myself on the hundreds of Wheaties boxes I collected, and I like the way I looked then. It’s time for another change.”

Jenner says that the plan is to return to manhood after she has the nude photos done for Playboy.

“No matter what anyone says, I’m baring it all for the nude spread,” said Jenner. “That shoot is going to make me a fortune. Everyone is going to want to see that – even those bigots who say they’re disgusted by it. You know they’re going to sneak a spank to it. I’m very excited.”

After Jenner transitions back, she says she wants everything to just “return to normal.”

“I’m honestly kind of sick of being in the public eye, being on TV, being a public icon and an American hero multiple times over,” said Jenner. “It’s going to be nice to just be Bruce again.”

Kanye Reportedly Leaves Kim Kardashian For Caitlyn Jenner


LOS ANGELES, California – 

In an extremely bizarre turn of events, hip hop mogul and the internet’s favorite punching bag Kanye West has reportedly left his wife, Kim Kardashian, for her former step-father Caitlyn Jenner. According to reports, West and Jenner met during the filming of Jenner’s reality show, I Am Caitlyn, last year, and have been secretly meeting ever since.

Insiders report that Jenner and West have been secretly meeting in between her tapings of the latest episodes of her series, and that over time they have “fallen in love.”

“I am absolutely obsessed with Kanye, and with good reason. He’s gorgeous, talented, and he’s the only person in the world who I could honestly say is more self-absorbed than I am,” said Caitlyn Jenner. “It’s a shame; I never meant to wreck Kim’s marriage, but sometimes, love just blossoms.”

The usually mouthy West has remained mum on the subject of his new relationship, but his wife, Kim Kardashian, has reportedly been extremely vocal of her husband’s “misguided feelings.”

“Clearly it’s been awhile since he’s seen me naked, or else this wouldn’t be happening,” said Kardashian. “I don’t know how that is, since I literally just tweeted a nudie the other day. Hell, it was Facebook trending. How could he have missed it? I don’t understand. What does Caitlyn have that I don’t ha–…Oh, never mind.”

Caitlyn Jenner Upset People Already Stopped Talking About Her

Bruce Jenner Praised As 'American Hero,' Transgender People Everywhere Bored By News

LOS ANGELES, California – 

Caitlyn Jenner is reportedly ‘extremely upset’ that news outlets have stopped talking about her, and sources are saying that she is looking for her next big announcement and “courageous act” to get back in the news.

“In the 70s, Bruce Jenner was a hero for doing something sports related, which is just stupid – athletes aren’t heroes, and neither are Olympians. They’re just playing games,” said Richard Mario, a reported for the LA Times. “Now, Bruce Jenner has become Caitlyn Jenner, and we all reported on that. Blah blah, she’s a hero for doing it in the public eye, blah blah. She’s not a hero for transitioning, either. She’s still a bigoted, anti-gay marriage, rich republican. People have realized it, and that’s why they’re not talking about her.”

According to her closest friends, Jenner says that she may transition back to being a man just so that her name can be in magazines and newspapers again.

“She’s really upset, and she’s trying to think of what she can do so that people don’t stop talking about her,” said her friend, Marianne Jones. “I think her Kardasihan former step-children have really gotten to her, and now she wants to be just like them. She’s even talking about transitioning back into a man! I mean, she was on the cover of Vogue, now she could go back and be on the cover of Men’s Health!”

Morgan Freeman Reportedly Transitioning To Female, Changing Name To Morgan Freewoman


LOS ANGELES, California – 

Actor Morgan Freeman, best known for being the black guy in every film ever made, has reportedly come out as transgendered, and has been seen dressing as a woman while out and about in Los Angeles.

“I can’t take it seriously, I just can’t,” said an onlooker at La Fete, a famous Hollywood lounge. “I saw Morgan Freeman walk in, and he’s wearing a blonde wig and bright purple eyeshadow. It was ridiculous. I know I should be more respectful – it was hard enough not laughing hysterically the first time I saw Bruce Jenner walking down the street in pumps, but this was just a new level of absurd.”

Freeman was reached out to be media outlets, and he confirmed that yes, he had been dressing as a woman.

“I’ve been dressing this way for many, many years, but it was only when I saw how brave Caitlyn Jenner was that I was able to be brave, too,” said Freeman. “I would like it very much if people could respect my wishes, though, and now refer to me as Morgan Freewoman.”

“I mean, I think Caitlyn Jenner is a piece of shit who should be in jail for her part in, you know, killing someone,” said one of Morgan Freewoman’s fans, Joe Goldsmith. “She, he, whatever, can go straight to hell. Bigoted bitch. Morgan Freewoman, on the other hand, is a beautiful, and respectful person who deserves to be able to have some privacy during this time.”

Caitlyn Jenner Sues Family Of Woman She Killed In Car Accident

MALIBU, California –

Caitlyn Jenner is reportedly suing the family members of a woman she killed in a car accident earlier this year. After receiving a lawsuit from the family against her for wrongful death, Jenner said that she decided to sue the family as well.

“There was substantial damage to my car that was not covered by insurance,” said Jenner. “Someone needs to pay for that, and it shouldn’t have to be me. I’ve suffered enough, what with killing someone and all. The blood that was on the car took Jose, one of my employees, over 6 hours to scrub off. It was disgusting, and he should be heavily compensated for his time.”

Jenner maintains that the accident, which killed 69-year-old Kim Howe, was not her fault.

“I mean, just because I wasn’t paying attention and someone got killed doesn’t mean that it’s my fault,” said Jenner. “Mrs. Howe was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and sometimes, people just die. That doesn’t mean that I need to go to jail, and it certainly doesn’t mean that her family can sue me without getting sued back.”

Jenner has filed a $1.9 million dollar lawsuit against the family for, among other things, car repair and defamation.

“They said that I killed her, and that I had no remorse,” said Jenner. “That’s just not true! I think it’s pretty much not okay to kill someone, but like I said, accidents happen. My heart goes out to them, but my lawyers are going out to them, too.”

Playboy Magazine Announces Caitlyn Jenner As November Centerfold

SACRAMENTO, California – 

It already seemed like a major joke when, last week, Playboy magazine announced that it would no longer feature nude women, and instead would focus on the articles and interviews. The company, who removed nudity from their website in 2013, did say that they would keep the one piece of nudity that everyone loved: the centerfold.

Continuing with the idea of making their subscription numbers as low as possible, Playboy announced that November’s issue would feature Caitlyn Jenner, fully nude, as the centerfold.

“We are very excited to have Caitlyn join our long line of prestigious centerfolds,” said Playboy owner Hugh Hefner, 104. “And what a glorious time to have a she-man in the magazine. In 2015, we can have a black man as president, and we can have a chick with a dick in the Playboy centerfold. Readers-shmeaders. Everyone will want to buy this issue.”

Jenner could not be reached for comment, but her reps said that she is “extremely excited” to show the world her new, woman-ish body that still has a penis.


Bruce Jenner Praised As ‘American Hero,’ Transgender People Everywhere Bored By News

Bruce Jenner Praised As 'American Hero,' Transgender People Everywhere Bored By News


During an interview with Dianne Sawyer, Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner, best known now for being the former step-father to the clan of Kardashian whores, described his transformation from once-proud man into a now-proud woman. The interview was watched by dozens of people, but so far no transgender people have come forward to say that they had any interest in the interview.

“If it had been someone relevant that they were talking to, then it might have been worth watching,” said Melissa Reynolds, a transgender woman. “Bruce Jenner is just…I mean look at him. He’s a nightmare. American hero? Please. Millions of other people have gone through everything he’s going through, but they didn’t get a damn Dateline interview.”

“I don’t care a dick about Bruce Jenner, personally,” said another transgender woman, Vanessa Royale. “He was on a Wheaties box when my mom was a kid, but I didn’t eat Wheaties anyway, so I can’t be bothered to care. If anything, Laura Jane Grace from the punk band Against Me! is the one they should have been talking to. If they want to teach people about transgender issues, especially young people, having someone they can relate to a little better than Bruce Friggin’ Jenner might have been a better idea.”

Jenner, who is on his way fully becoming a woman, says he has no issue with pronouns, and is comfortable being referred to as either ‘he’ or ‘she,’ and just wants to be allowed to live his life as he sees fit.

“They said that the interview was going to be one that everyone talked about, but I don’t know anyone talking about it,” said Reynolds. “He’s not an American hero for becoming a woman. He was an Olympic hero, sure, but now, he’s just another transgender person who is trying to become what he feels he is on the inside. That’s not heroism, and talking about something that many, many other people have been dealing with or dealt with for years isn’t heroism either. He’s just another part of the pack, now.”

Bruce Jenner Knew He was a Woman Ever Since He Discovered He Had a Vagina

Bruce Jenner Knew He was a Woman Ever Since He Discovered He Had a Vagina

LOS ANGELES, California –

The entertainment industry is still getting used to Bruce Jenner’s recent revelation that he is transitioning, but Jenner today said in an interview with TMZ that he’s known he was a woman ever since the age of five, when he realized he had a vagina.

“I was always told I was a boy,” the transexual said in the close-up and personal discussion. “But very early on – even before kindergarten – I knew. The epiphany came when I discovered I had a vagina, and since then it’s been a long struggle to work up the courage to admit it to the world.”

Jenner said that his parents insistence that he participate in track and field sports was perhaps the most difficult challenge against his identity in early childhood.

“I had to participate with all the boys. I might have seemed perfectly normal to them, but I knew I was different. Somehow, I managed to compete at the highest level, in the men’s races, but my womanhood was always there, accompanying my vagina every step of the way.”

Later on, Jenner faced the new challenge of living as a family man, fathering 6 children, along with being the stepfather of the Kardashian siblings.

“I was always anxious that someone would find out. It was especially hard being intimate with [ex-wives] Chrystie, Linda, and Kris. Have you ever tried hiding a vagina during sex? No, didn’t think so. Also, it often bothered her that I dind’t have a penis. That created a major challenge, especially since they all wanted to have children with me. We beat the odds, and I’m glad to have all 6 biological children, but even for the kids it was hard growing up with a dickless dad.”

Bruce acknowledged that his female genitalia will help ease the transition to becoming a woman.

“Of course, it has great practical advantages now that I’m open about it. Surgery and treatments will be easier, and I’m really excited that my vagina can finally take its rightful place in my life – as the centerpiece of my womanhood.”

NASA to Scrap Venus Trip, Using Funds to Study Bruce Jenner

NASA to Scrap Venus Trip, Using Funds to Study Bruce Jenner



NASA officials have made the unprecedented announcement regarding the transition a large sum of funds from space exploration to a more terrestrial endeavor. In a recent press release, the plan was made clear. “We have decided to move funds from space exploration to study Bruce Jenner.”

Officials at the National Aeronautics and Space Association stated that the move was decided after a series of groundbreaking feats went relatively unnoticed by the US public. According to officials, NASA must remain more mindful of its popularity to retain funding. Thus, drastic steps must be made to stay in the limelight.

“We simply have to stay relevant to today’s society. In order to do so, we have to be aware of what is popular – what fascinates people,” said Mission Director J.D. Harrington. “What fascinates people right now is Bruce Jenner.”

Jenner recently made waves regarding his interest in transforming into a woman. NASA officials made it clear that their funding the exploration of the former Olympic star were not an unfocused mocking, but instead a true scientific endeavor.

“This isn’t a cheap ploy at all. Nor is it an attempt to demean the transgender community,”
Harrington explained firmly. “The fact is, plenty of people are interested in this. Many are unaware of the transgender process or how it works. In a lot of ways it is more mysterious than space, and NASA has the funds to study this situation and process.”

When asked about the recent finding of Ceres, a dwarf planet in the solar system, as well as the landing on the Rosetta Comet, Harrington was once again frank.

“Sure, we found a new planet-sized object in the asteroid belt. And yes, we landed a machine on a [expletive] asteroid. But no big deal. It’s clear the two most talked about spherical objects in our solar system are on Jenner’s chest. So I guess we’ll just need to study those. Why not cover something that costs less money and seems to interest people?”

NASA has scrapped an upcoming mission to Venus in order to send a probe to orbit Jenner for six weeks. The shuttle is set to launch early next month, weather permitting.

Channing Tatum To Get Breast Implants For Upcoming Movie Role

HOLLYWOOD, California – Channing Tatum To Get Breast Implants For Upcoming Movie Role

Actors immerse themselves in roles to varying degrees; some of the lesser or tired actors “phone it in,” while others go to extremes to create realistic portrayals.

Celebrity heartthrob Channing Tatum (22 Jump Street) definitely falls into the latter category, as he has announced today that he will be undergoing breast augmentation surgery for his role in Magic Mike XXL.

Tatum jumped at the chance to take on the challenge. “I didn’t hesitate for a second when my manager told me the storyline for the sequel. I didn’t read the script first, I didn’t even ask what the terms were for my salary. I just said ‘yes’ when I heard about the breasts. I can’t wait to start working on this new role. I want big ones, as big as possible! I asked the doctor to ‘Pam Anderson’ me,” said Tatum.

According to studio executives, Magic Mike XXL follows the continuing story of the character from the first film, Magic Mike, as he goes from being a sexy male stud stripper to a femme-fatale exotic dancer. The first film, which also starred Matthew McConaughey, made almost $114 million dollars back on its small, $7 million budget.

Tatum’s Hollywood star has risen in recent years, and this role undoubtedly will cement his status as a solid dramatic actor. “I remember when Robert De Niro gained all that weight for that boxing movie,” said Tatum, and “Tyler Perry literally transforms himself into that big, scary, fat old African-American lady, but I decided to have my physical body altered on the inside, which I think will be great for my career.”

Tatum’s new breasts will be implanted in February 2015, and the surgeon performing the augmentation has agreed to donate the proceeds to the Susan B. Komen For The Cure breast cancer awareness foundation. Breast cancer is suffered by both women and men.

“My fans seem to be pretty accepting,” said the actor. “Thousands of brand new fans can’t wait to see the results, and they’re literally begging me to send them photos! Did you know I have a fan club at San Quentin? I didn’t, but in any case, I’m really stoked to get stacked!”

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