Bruce Jenner Knew He was a Woman Ever Since He Discovered He Had a Vagina

Bruce Jenner Knew He was a Woman Ever Since He Discovered He Had a Vagina

LOS ANGELES, California –

The entertainment industry is still getting used to Bruce Jenner’s recent revelation that he is transitioning, but Jenner today said in an interview with TMZ that he’s known he was a woman ever since the age of five, when he realized he had a vagina.

“I was always told I was a boy,” the transexual said in the close-up and personal discussion. “But very early on – even before kindergarten – I knew. The epiphany came when I discovered I had a vagina, and since then it’s been a long struggle to work up the courage to admit it to the world.”

Jenner said that his parents insistence that he participate in track and field sports was perhaps the most difficult challenge against his identity in early childhood.

“I had to participate with all the boys. I might have seemed perfectly normal to them, but I knew I was different. Somehow, I managed to compete at the highest level, in the men’s races, but my womanhood was always there, accompanying my vagina every step of the way.”

Later on, Jenner faced the new challenge of living as a family man, fathering 6 children, along with being the stepfather of the Kardashian siblings.

“I was always anxious that someone would find out. It was especially hard being intimate with [ex-wives] Chrystie, Linda, and Kris. Have you ever tried hiding a vagina during sex? No, didn’t think so. Also, it often bothered her that I dind’t have a penis. That created a major challenge, especially since they all wanted to have children with me. We beat the odds, and I’m glad to have all 6 biological children, but even for the kids it was hard growing up with a dickless dad.”

Bruce acknowledged that his female genitalia will help ease the transition to becoming a woman.

“Of course, it has great practical advantages now that I’m open about it. Surgery and treatments will be easier, and I’m really excited that my vagina can finally take its rightful place in my life – as the centerpiece of my womanhood.”

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