DeLorean Motor Company To Produce Replica ‘Back To The Future’ Time Machines For Public Sale

HOUSTON, Texas – DeLorean Motor Company To Produce Replica 'Back To The Future' Time Machines For Public Sale

The DeLorean DMC-12 is one of the most recognizable cars in the world. Although the model itself had an original run of less than 10,000 and only was made for one year, the car’s starring role in the Back to the Future franchise made the car a sought-after piece of movie history amongst collectors.

The original DeLorean Motor Company closed its doors in the early 80s, but the name, DMC, and the company that rose in its place to support owners of the original model, has announced that they have partnered with Universal Pictures, the film studio responsible for Back to the Future, to create a replica line of cars from the film. The new DeLorean Time Machine DMC-12 will be made available staring in 2015, the 30th anniversary of the original Back to the Future film.

“There has been talk all over the internet of a real-life hoverboard, and sadly that turned out to not be true,” said DMC spokesman  Milton Baines. “When we realized what a massive call there was for Future merchandise, we realized that we could do something really great here at the new DeLorean Motor Company. Initial plans started at the beginning of last year, and we’ve worked closely with the original build team for the movies to get the car exactly as it appears in the films.”

DMC says that the Time Machine version of the DMC-12 that will be available is based on the model shown in Back to the Future II and III. 

“It’s going to have the Mr. Fusion on the back, it has to,” said Baines. “I think that movie fanatics, car collectors, and anyone who is a massive fan of Back to the Future is going to want to get this car. We only wish that we could really make it travel through time!”

The DeLorean Time Machine DMC-12 is set to begin sale in June of 2015, and they are being custom-built at an order cost of a relatively modest $25,000 each – the same price that the vehicle cost when new in 1981. The production will mark the first time that a film studio will be a part of a release of vehicles for public purchase.

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