‘Breaking Bad’ Star Bryan Cranston Diagnosed With Cancer

'Breaking Bad' Star Bryan Cranston Diagnosed With Cancer


HOLLYWOOD, California – 

In a tragic twist of fate, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston may be facing a similar ordeal to that of his character from the hit TV series.

The actor, also known for his role in the TV series Malcolm In The Middle, has recently had his career diagnosed with a terminal case of cancer. A year and a half after the series finale, in which Cranston played cancer riddled Walter White, doctors have attributed Cranston’s career’s sickness to his minor role in 2014’s reboot of the Godzilla franchise.

“It’s a known carcinogen,” said famed oncologist Dr Hugh Hormones. “Taking small parts in disappointing remakes of classic movies is a surefire way to precipitate the disease. We warn actors time and time again, but after starring in long-running award-winning series, the temptation of getting back out there is just too great.”

Fans of the actor have come out in huge support of his ailing career, sending sympathetic tweets and reposting photos they had taken with him – most of them show the man with a still-healthy looking career.

“Breaking Bad was always gonna be impossible to top,” tweeted TheRealJohnJonson. “#WeLoveYouWalterWhite”

“Bryan Cranston will forever be Walter White in my heart,” posted JessePinkmanStillLives. “#IBoughtGodzillaOnBluRay #ItWasOnSale #SupportCranston”

However, it seems that Cranston may not the only member of the cast of the AMC hit to be stricken with this rampant disease. Co-star Aaron Paul is said to be undergoing tests after symptoms that his own career might be deteriorating due to the incurable illness.

“Aaron took few precautions in exposed himself to an even more severe carcinogen,” said Dr Hormones, referring to Paul’s part in the latest reimagining of the story of Moses, Exodus: Gods and Kings. In it, Paul takes the role of Joshua, whose only lines include shouting the name “Moses” unclearly. This comes hot on the heels of his action film Need For Speed, a film about fast cars that is, curiously, not based on the video game series of the same name, and is a movie that most people aren’t even aware exists.

Family members of both victims have announced that they will stand by their loved ones’ sides throughout, and will “fight this thing together.”

“Aaron and Bryan at least have each other to get through it with. Their careers have for so long been interlinked, and now they will until the end,” said a family friend of Cranston’s.

Reports, however, suggest that Paul may be exposing himself to yet another possibly fatal carcinogen, with rumors placing him in the role of the scarecrow in an as yet unannounced reboot of the Hollywood classic The Wizard of Oz.

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