Remains of Gangster Jimmy Hoffa Finally Discovered – You Won’t BELIEVE Where They Found Them!


DETROIT, Michigan – 

A startling discovery was made in downtown Detroit on Wednesday, as a group of children were playing in one of the city’s many abandoned and dilapidated homes. According to police, two young boys were inside the rundown home’s basement when they called 911 to report they found bones.

“The two children, Mario and Carl Miller, aged 11 and 14, discovered what turned out to be a femur while playing in an abandoned house,” said Police Chief Ravi Moore. “After police arrived on scene with a crime scene investigator, we were able to unearth an entire skeleton, which has since been identified through forensic testing to be the remains of Jimmy Hoffa, the world-famous gangster.”

According to Chief Moore and the Detroit Coroner’s Office, it seems as though Hoffa died of natural causes.

“Best we can guess, is that he was hiding out in the basement of this home for an unknown amount of time. Like most of Detroit, the house has been in ruins since the mid-70s, which is around the time he went missing,” said Moore. “No one has lived in this house since, and we assume that at some point, parts of the house just sort of collapsed on him. His death has been ruled as an accident. As it turns out, there was no foul play involved at all.”

Hoffa’s remains will remain in Detroit, and eventually set up on display at the Smithsonian Museum.


Body of Union Leader Jimmy Hoffa Discovered In Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – Body of Union Leader Jimmy Hoffa Discovered In Nashville

Investigators have officially identified the remains of bones that were discovered buried under the lawn surrounding Nashville’s replica of the Parthenon as that of Jimmy Hoffa, the Teamsters Union president who mysteriously disappeared in 1975.

“They’re not exactly bones that we found,” said Detective Evan Hoodunett. “We found parts – lots of tiny, chopped parts of bones. This guy didn’t go easy. I haven’t even seen something this bad in a mafia movie, let alone the hundreds of real mafia murder crimes I’ve witnessed or researched.”

For decades, the whereabouts of Hoffa’s remains were an unknown, and were widely speculated and discussed. Most theorists were certain he was kidnapped and murdered by the mafia, who at the time were a large part of the Teamsters and worker’s unions across the country. It had been speculated that they drove Hoffa to New Jersey, Florida, or Georgia and hid his body. Some were certain his remains were somewhere in Detroit, not far from where he was last seen outside the restaurant Machus Red Fox.

Yet still other, more bizarre theories exist. In researching this article, it was discovered that there are at least three people on the Internet who claim that the Coen brothers got their wood chipper scene idea in the well-known film Fargo from first-hand knowledge of, and involvement in, Hoffa’s death. No explanation was given as to why, or how, that would even be possible.

“Yeah, it takes all kinds of guesses, theories, and weirdos to really keep a story like this alive for the better part of 40 years,” said Hoodunett. “I’d honestly be surprised if someone hadn’t said that Hoffa was abducted by aliens or something, by this point. There were just so many crazies out there with their arm-chair detective skills.”

As far-fetched as the Hoffa theories got, absolutely no one predicted Nashville’s Parthenon as a possibility.

“These wise guys, or, er – I mean, whoever it might have been that did him in, really did an impressive job,” said Hoodunett. “Not only did they get away with murdering a prominent public figure of that time, but they left the entire lawn where they buried his chopped up body parts spotless. We never looked here before the tip, because it was totally clean and completely random, a location that had absolutely no connection to the victim or suspects. It’s like, having red wine with burritos. Who does that?”

Family and friends of Hoffa are uneasy now that they know for certain the details of the brutality of his murder, though a select few commented that they were relieved now that they know he “got what he deserved.” Hoffa had been declared dead in absentia in 1982.


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