Kris Jenner Claims O.J. Simpson Is Kendall Jenner’s Real Father During Emotional Interview

Kris Jenner Claims O.J. Simpson Is Kendall Jenner's Real Father During Emotional Interview

LOS ANGELES, California –

While being interviewed on the entertainment based syndicated radio program ‘Star Power’ on 109.9 WKPC in Los Angeles, superstar reality television mother Kris Jenner, 59, dropped a stunning bombshell on listeners yesterday evening when she publicly announced that O.J. Simpson was Kendall Jenner’s real father.

Simpson’s name came up while discussing the bizarre behavior and impending sex-change of her ex-husband Bruce Jenner. Kris said she had befriended Simpson while her now deceased¬†ex-husband, Robert Kardashian, was defending the former NFL star turned actor in his murder trial.

“Just do the math,” Jenner told talk show host Marcus Hardin. “The trial took place from November 1994 to October 1995. Kendall was born November 3rd of 1995. Robert (Kardashian) and I had been in a good point in our relationship because I knew he needed the support of Kim, Khloe, and myself during such a high-profile trial.”

“Whenever we had the chance we would all meet up for dinner. One night he took us all to meet O.J. while he was in jail, he had a lot of pull there, and they gave us two rooms to privately meet with O.J. so that Robert could speak with him about the case in the other room. Well, Robert being the great guy he was, noticed that O.J. and I had really hit it off and suggested we take some time to speak alone in the other room, and that is when we had sex during a moment of passion. O.J. was sad, depressed and desperate for attention and I had been a big fan of his. It just happened.”

Jenner said that it was something she regrets, mostly because she hates criminals like O.J.

“Bruce and I were not having sex at all, we hadn’t had sex since 1992 in fact. Anyway, I got pregnant with Kendall. I have never told anyone this before, I hope she doesn’t hate me after this.” Jenner stated in a state of uncertainty.


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