Government, Health Department Says Ebola Turns Earthworms Into Real Life ‘Tremors’

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Government, Health Department Says Ebola Turns Earthworms Into Real Life 'Tremors'

An emergency press release was conducted by the Health Department warning all government officials to refrain from burying the bodies of future Ebola victims. According to Health Department Spokesperson Elliot Tevere, though the effects of Ebola on earthworms is unknown, the Health Department has reason to believe that the Ebola virus is capable of turning even the smallest earthworm into an enormous worm, or Tremor.

According to Trevere, the Health Department has compiled mountains of compelling data in support of their theory, however at this time are not willing to share the data with the public.

“We are not at liberty to share the results of our findings; however top scientists have been working feverishly in the lab. They have been conducting high level tests,” said Trevere. “The general public is just not ready to know the details surrounding the tests.”

The word Tremor stems from a popular movie franchise in which small towns are infiltrated by enormous worm-like monsters that live underground.  The first feature in the 4 movie franchise was entitled Tremors, and was released in 1990.

An anchor from a local Los Angeles FOX affiliate station had the opportunity to sit down with original Tremors cast member Kevin Bacon, and asked him the likelihood of the Ebola Virus morphing earthworms to creatures similar to those found in his hit 1990 movie.  Kevin responded to the question by saying “Your question in itself is absurd, are you really asking me if I believe the Ebola virus can create monsters similar to those featured in a pretend movie? C’mon.”

Actor Michael Gross, who unlike Bacon has starred in all 4 Tremors movies and is slated to play a role in Tremors 5, scheduled for release in 2016, shared a different opinion on the matter when he sat down with a MSNBC representative earlier this afternoon.

When Gross was asked a similar question regarding the likelihood of the Ebola virus causing earthworms to morph into Tremor like monsters he responded by saying “Oh, absolutely! I have no doubt the Health Department’s claims hold their weight in gold. Look, I have completed extensive research, and have enough hands-on experience with shooting 4, almost 5, of these Tremor movies to tell you that this is exactly how these things start.”

Gross concluded the interview by saying, “Our saving grace is that technologically our society is far more equipped to handle these motherhumpers than we were in 1990.”

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