Portia Rossi Admits She is “Probably Too Hot” for Ellen

Portia Rossi Admits She is “Probably Too Hot” for Ellen


Confirming what many have long suspected, Portia de Rossi has confessed that she is “probably too hot” for wife Ellen DeGeneres. The couple have been together for over ten years, but the former Ally McBeal star says that throughout most of the time, she has been way out of Ellen’s league.

“Ellen has a great personality and she’s constantly making me laugh,” de Rossi, who was once named in People Magazine’s ‘100 most beautiful’ list. “I love her to death, and without her support I’d probably be dead. But let’s be honest, I’m a 10 and she’s at best a 7.”

Ellen, far from being upset by the admission, agreed completely with her wife’s sentiments.

“When we first started dating I’d constantly think, ‘how the hell did I land that?’ For at least the first three years, I thought it certainly wouldn’t last – people as beautiful as Portia generally end up with someone in their league. Ten years later and it’s refreshing to know that her loyalty has nothing to do with some sort of non-recognition of the disparity.”

Public opinion has been hugely positive towards the announcement, with many saying that the actor’s candidness has given a huge boost to the less attractive portion of the population, proving that similar hotness levels are unnecessary for love to succeed.

“It’s a triumph of true love,” said sentimentalist Jenna McCarthy. “Those two, who no one in their right mind would have paired, have made it against the odds. They’ve been together for longer than most mutually attractive celebrities are, and they’re still going strong to this day.”

Rumors are emerging of other celebrities who are probably too hot for their partners. Top of that list are Beyonce (partner: Jay-Z), Sofia Vergara (Joe Manganiello), and Jennifer Lawrence (Chris Martin).

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