Weatherman Commits Suicide, Blames Depression On Weather Forecasting


BANGOR, Maine –

WABZ Channel 13 in Maine will open a listing for a new meteorologist this week, as seasoned vet Ray Buckley has reportedly  committed suicide. While many would think the holidays had gotten him down, as happens with many people each year, it was, in fact, the unpredictable nature of the weather, and the high expectations people place on weather forecasters.

In Buckley’s suicide note he describes the futility of weather prediction.

“It’s a chaotic system, ruled by nonlinear dynamics. You work the differential equations, hoping you’ve input the right data, but soon a ‘trace to 2 inches’ of snow becomes 6-8 inches. God Himself couldn’t predict the damn weather. Then they call you out on it. ‘Thought it was supposed to be sunny this weekend, Ray? Your prediction ruined my picnic!’ I’ve reached my limit. A man can only be told he has an ‘asshole face’ so many times by people who don’t know him before he breaks.”

WABZ says they will have no problem filling the position. Inside sources say Buckley’s performance was less than perky as of late, and they were already looking for a replacement.


TV Meteorologist Murdered After Reporting Weather Incorrectly

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – TV Meteorologist Murdered For Reporting Weather Incorrectly

A weather man who worked for the WAVY-TV station in Huntsville, Alabama, was found dead in his home this past Tuesday afternoon. Craig Poland, 47, worked for the local Virginia news station for over 10 years, but spent most of his career behind the camera.

“He did more behind the camera work than he did as a weather man,” said Bill Hytes, the owner of the station. “Great guy, really nice and personable. We can’t believe that this has happened to him. He was a major part of our weather team, and a beloved member of our news staff.”

The strange tragedy behind Poland’s murder was a note found on the scene of the crime that pointed to Poland’s incorrect on-air weather reporting being the cause of death.

Poland was called asked to report the weather live for one day last week when a fellow co-worker called in sick. During the broadcasting, Poland stated that the weather for last weekend would be bright and sunny. Sadly, the prediction was not correct, and it now appears that a local viewer took the information badly.

“People take their weather very seriously around here,” said Officer Tim Brown. “When I arrived on the scene and saw the body, I knew immediately who he was. I remember seeing him on the air too and, to be honest, I was a little ticked at him because I planned to go fishing after he said we’d have a nice, sunny weekend and I hit nothing but rain. I mean, I didn’t kill him or anything, that’s not what I’m saying. All I’m saying is that I can relate to someone’s anger – it’s not the first time someone’s plans have been ruined by a TV weatherman not knowing his stuff. Probably the first time anyone has been killed because of it, though.”

Police are remaining quiet on the exact details of the crime, but reporters have learned that the note left at the scene said ‘that will teach you to screw up my weekend, you old weather f—–.’ Police say they have no leads at this time.

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