Stores To Begin Charging Deposit For Diapers; Will Be Redeemed Like Bottles and Cans



One of the biggest problems plaguing the entire country is the increased garbage in our landfills. One way that has been combated over the years is with bottle and can redemption, where – depending on the state – you pay an extra charge for bottles purchased, and those can be redeemed and recycled later with the consumer getting their money back.

A new plan set in motion by congress, which will take effect nationwide, will see the same plan take on diapers, which are one of the leading causes of overfilling of our nation’s dump and landfill centers.

“Going forward, a redemption charge will be added to all diaper sales, at the rate of an extra $1 per diaper in each pack,” said congressman Joel Hill. “We expect that in this way, people can start recycling their baby’s diapers in the hopes that they can be re-used, and no longer simply tossed into the trash.”

Major diaper manufacturers say that the idea is brilliant, as the materials that are used in collecting the waste of children is “easily recyclable.”

“We could use the diapers dozens of times before they become unstable,” said Huggies plant manager Roger Kern. “We don’t get the chance to, because they end up thrown away, but now we’ll finally start being able to use materials over again, saving us money, which we can pass to the consumer.”

The diaper recycling law will take effect in most states on June 1st, with the entire country set to begin collecting by the end of the year.

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