Early Voter Poll Shows There’s ‘No Way In Hell’ Ted Cruz Will Get Elected President

Early Voter Poll Shows There's 'No Way In Hell' Ted Cruz Would Get Elected President


Ted Cruz this week became the first politician to officially announce his candidacy as the Republican runner in the 2016 Presidential Elections. The unexpected move by the naively bigoted conservative, was greeted with disbelief and mocking on social media, with a Twitter hashtag #TedCruzCampainSlogan trending with thousands of sarcastic suggestions, including:

@snickerfritz04 Yes little children, the world is on fire – in reference to a comment he made to a scared young boy.

@Athiest_Tweeter A vote for me, means World War 3 – in reference to what would surely be disastrous xenophobic foreign policy decisions.

@JRheling RIP Science (1601 – 2017) – in reference to his belief in archaic Creationism which denies contemporary science.

An early poll revealed that voters are pretty much in line with the contempt shown on social media. 98% of 2 300 voters answered the question “Will Ted Cruz be Our Next President” with “No way in hell”. The remaining 2% voted “No, but I’ll give him a sympathy vote”.

Conspiracy theorists have taken the results of the poll to indicate that Cruz’s campaign is not a serious attempt to run for presidency. Rather, they posit that it is a plot by the Democratic Party to make the Republican campaigners seem ridiculous, thereby winning more votes while Cruz distracts voters with his insane rants and rhetoric.

“Clearly Obama’s behind this!!!” wrote dickweed21 on a Reddit thread. “Who the fuck is Ted Cruz anyway? This is exactly like 2012, when they put up Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick fucking Santorum as the runners.”

Hundreds of other users agreed, pointing out that for the 2008 elections, Sarah Palin was just the person to put off potential voters for John McCain.

“Seriously, who in their right mind would make Sarah Palin their vice president?” said one user. “Sarah Palin! The definition of blonde bimbo – she probably started the stereotype!”

Anonymous sources from the Democratic Party denied the claims, although stated that “the Republicans do a good enough job of shooting themselves in the foot without our help. There campaign videos are hilarious disasters – that shit can’t be staged.”

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