Ryan Adams Forgets Who He Is, Performs Song By Bryan Adams


NASHVILLE, Tennessee –

Ryan Adams, a pop singer who has a few fans, apparently, kicked a man out of his concert in 2002 after the patron yelled out a request for the popular song Summer of ’69, made famous by Canadian Bryan Adams. Ryan, apparently having no sense of humor, asked for the man to be removed because he can’t handle any sort of reference to another musician named Adams.

Now, 13 years later, it seems that Ryan Adams has forgotten all about that incident, as at a concert in Nashville last week, Ryan went on to perform the hit made famous by Bryan, as he did actually perform a cover of the song Summer of ’69.

“I think he forgot who he was, or something,” said fan Mary Lambert. “All 14 fans who were at the show, we just got really confused, and for a minute, I thought I was at a Bryan Adams concert by accident. I really didn’t like what was happening.”

“It was bizarre. I knew I’d bought tickets to Ryan Adams, and I was already kicking myself for that as it was,” said Miranda Jones. “But then Ryan came out and he did that song about kinky foreplay, and I got so worried I was in the wrong place. Bryan…Ryan…it sounds the same, you know?”

According to Ryan Adams’ manager, Rick Jameson, he knew precisely what he was doing when Adams went out on stage.

“He didn’t forget who he was, I don’t think, anyway,” said Johnson. “I’m pretty sure that he just wanted to play a popular song and give something to the people that they might enjoy. God knows no one knows any Ryan Adams songs, anyway.”

Bryan Adams, who has been pushed into obscurity since the 90s, said that he was “flattered” that someone would cover his song.

“Now give me my damn royalty check,” said Bryan Adams.

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