‘The Golden Girls’ To Get Netflix Reboot; Betty White Will Reprise Role as Rose


LOS ANGELES, California – 

Betty White has always said that she plans to work up until the day she dies, and at 96 years young, she’s not kidding. The actress, who is perhaps best known for her role on the 80s sitcom The Golden Girls, says that she has inked a deal with Netflix, who acquired the rights to the show from NBC, to appear once again as her iconic character, Rose Nylund, for a series reboot filming this year.

The original series starred White, Bea Arthur, Estelle Getter, and Rue McClanahan – all of whom have passed on, save for White. The rebooted series will star White, but so far no other cast members have been announced.

“The original series ended, and then we went on to film The Golden Palace for awhile, but then that one ended, too,” said White. “I have only seen the pilot script for the reboot, but it’s very funny. It takes place in the same house. A woman outbids Rose for Blanche’s house at an auction, but the two become friends and end up moving into the place together. Then, Rose’s daughter, who is now in her 60s, moves in as well, along with her 30-something daughter. The house is full once more, and the story really is a laugh riot.”

White says that she signed on for the initial 6 episodes, but doesn’t know much more about the story or the characters.

“It didn’t take much coaxing to get me to play Rose one more time,” said White. “I truly cannot wait.”

Betty White Found Not Dead At Her California Home On 94th Birthday

Actress Betty White, 92, Diagnosed With Hookworms

LOS ANGELES, California –

Betty White, the beloved actress who is best known as Rose on the popular 80s sitcom The Golden Girls was found not dead in her home in California on Sunday, where she celebrated her 94th birthday with friends and family.

Although often the butt of death hoaxes and pranks but internet websites, the 94-year-old entertainer was in good spirits, and was alive and well Sunday, where she ate cake and ice cream with friends, and enjoyed a beautiful California day with her family and animals.

“Oh, it’s just a great day to be alive,” said White. “It’s my birthday, I’ve got my health and all this love from my family, friends, and pets. It’s amazing to have lived this long.”

White says that she is still “going strong” and hopes to release more TV shows, and possibly a movie or two this year.

“I’ve never done a good, gritty action movie or anything like that,” said White. “Here’s hoping I can get a role in a good rough-and-tumble flick with someone like Chris Pratt. What a hunk!”

Fans of White say that it’s absolutely incredible that she has lived so long, especially after a rash of celebrity deaths this month.

“I believe she may very well live forever,” said Golden Girls megafan Jerome Myers. “I certainly hope she does!”

Actress Betty White, 92, Diagnosed With Hookworms

BURBANK, California – Actress Betty White, 92, Diagnosed With Hookworms

Comedic legend Betty White, currently starring in the TVLand sitcom Hot in Cleveland, received a diagnosis of hookworm infection after complaining of discomfort during a recent taping of the show.

“I had some stomach pains and was running a fever,” said White, during a break from rehearsal. The actress portrays Elke Ostrovsky, owner of a house shared by 40-something best friends Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli), Joy (Jane Leeves) and Victoria (Wendie Malick).  “I’m usually healthy as a hog,” White added.

The diagnosis caught White by surprise.  “I turned to my doctor and said ‘You’ve got to be pulling my leg.  Are you sure you’re not a vet?’  My dogs get hookworm.  Now this is just what I need — how much do you want to bet my co-stars start referring to me as ‘that old bitch?’” joked the tart-tongued White.

“You can’t get hookworm from petting your dog,” said Dr. Morris Fine of Harvard Medical School in Cambridge, MA.  “Miss White probably came in contact with soil or grass that contained hookworm larvae or eggs,” he added.  “That shows she cleans up after her pets.  I’m not surprised, I know she’s an animal lover.”

White’s television career began in the 1950s after success as a radio singer and actress.  One of television’s first female producers, White’s first show, Life With Elizabeth, aired from 1952-1955.  Frequent guest appearances on variety and game shows established White’s decades-long popularity.  Her role as man-chaser and ‘Happy Homemaker’ Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show earned the actress two Emmy nominations and one win. In the 80’s and early 90s, she played lovable dullard Rose Nylund on the hit TV series The Golden Girls, which garnered her several more Emmy nominations and wins.

Not surprisingly, White was back at work after one day’s rest.

“She’s healthier than all of us put together,” said co-star Wendie Malick.  “She’s a work-horse of a woman. I really admire her.”

Treatment for hookworm disease generally involves a round of medication lasting one to three days.  Iron supplements are often prescribed, as anemia sometimes occurs as a result of the condition.

“I’m just glad that it wasn’t something worse,” remarked White. “Can you imagine if it had been fleas, instead?!”

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