Over-Filled House Collapses, Traps Hoarder Inside

Over-Filled House Collapses, Traps Hoarder Inside

CANISTEO, New York – 

Tim Barker, 55 was found crushed to death, in what was the living room of his two-story home. Two tons of wrestling memorabilia, ceramic kittens, cans of green beans, National Geographic magazines, bags of human feces, and other pieces of garbage were removed in attempt to rescue the man, who they believed to be trapped inside. More than 48 hours after neighbor’s reported the collapse, Barker’s body was found on his couch.

The coroner’s report says Barker was likely killed instantly, when the debris initially struck him.

Local housing code enforces says they did not know the structure had such extensive damage, it would’ve been condemned.

“Two years ago we received complaints about junk in the yard which Mr. Barker’s family promptly cleaned up. The first floor of the house was uncluttered, so there appeared to be no need for further inspection…

“We believe this year’s record snowfalls may have contributed to the collapse, stressing the structure past its capacity. There was so much junk up there, it’s a wonder this didn’t happen sooner.”

Local Jillian Beaudoin says, “This is a small town and nothing much ever happens. If anything we’re for that ‘living sign,’ but some trees planted to say Canisteo doesn’t attract many tourists.

“Now people are actually coming out here to take selfies in front of the house that caved in. It’s messed up how morbid people can be.”

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