Woman Dies After Husband Accidentally Crushes Her During Game of Twister


ATLANTA, Georgia – 

Police have cleared Joel Craig, 32, of any wrongdoing in the death of his wife, Samantha Craig, 29, after she was killed during a “rowdy” game of Twister.

Joel Craig says that when the spinner landed on Left Hand: Blue, he was forced to move into a position that caused him to slip, and all of his 298 pounds came crushing down on the chest of his wife.

“I told her that I didn’t want to move, that I knew I would fall, but my wife was very, very competitive, and she told me the game couldn’t end until one of us had fallen,” said Craig. “I didn’t want to crush her, but she was starting to get angry, and I moved my hand. I fell, and I crushed her ribcage, which punctured her lungs. We’d only been married for six months.”

An investigation into the accident was performed, but police say it was a clear-cut case of accidental death, and no charges would be filed.

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