Woman Creates Indiegogo Page To Raise Money For Abortion

SACRAMENTO, California – 

A 26-year-old Sacramento woman has turned to social media and crowd funding to cover the costs for what she says is a ‘medical emergency.’

“I really, really need an abortion,” says Kimberly Johnson on her Indiegogo page. “It’s going to cost about $700 at the clinic, and I don’t have a cent to my name. I don’t know which guy to go after to help pay for the processes, so anything you can donate would really help me out. Please share or donate today.”

The Indiegogo page was started by Johnson last week, and has so far raised only $2 dollars.

“I don’t know if people just don’t want to help, or if they’re not happy with my rewards options,” said Johnson when reached for comment. “I don’t have anything to give. If they donate $5 they get a personal ‘thank you’ through my Twitter. If they donate $100, they will actually get a piece of the fetus that they suck outta me. It’s really the only thing I’ve got to give, you know?”

According to Indiegogo policies, anyone can use their site for anything that want to raise money for, but a person will only get the money if they reach their goal. Johnson’s goal is $1,000.

“I know that the goal is actually a little more than the abortion is going to cost, but I figured while I’m at it, I could really use a new TV. The one I have now broke when my drunk ex threw a Wii-mote at it, and when you’re unemployed and living rent-free in the basement of your friend’s house, TV is really the only thing to keep you happy.”

Johnson’s Indiegogo funding ends on November 13th, which is only 2 days before she’d be too far along to end her pregnancy according to California law. “It’s down to the wire, but I could always just skip over to Nevada if need be. They have more lenient laws about abortions. I’ve had 4 or 5 there already.”



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