Overturning Of Texas Abortion Law Brings Rise In Old Fashioned Coat Hanger Abortions


DALLAS, Texas – 

Old fashioned coat-hanger abortions will be legal in Texas once again, after the Supreme Court delivered its most significant ruling on abortion in a generation Monday, striking down restrictions on Texas clinics and doctors that had created roadblocks for thousands of women and giving abortion rights advocates hope of beating back similar laws in other states.

“We conclude that neither of these provisions offers medical benefits sufficient to justify the burdens upon access that each imposes,” Breyer wrote in his 40-page ruling. “Each places a substantial obstacle in the path of women seeking a pre-viability abortion, each constitutes an undue burden on abortion access … and each violates the federal Constitution.”

Proponents of the stricter laws said they did not intend to prevent abortions in Texas, only make them safer for women. “We wanted abortions to be restricted to surgical grade facilities, but pro-choice activists apparently don’t care if a woman gets an abortion with rusty unsterile tools or a coat hanger for that matter,” says Kyle DeLeon, a supporter of the tougher regulations.

Woman Sells Her 2-Year-Old Son On Craigslist To Get Money For Abortion


COMPTON, California – 

Marlene Jones, 23, was arrested for attempting to sell her 2-year-old son Jamal to a couple via Craigslist. Jones says that she needed the money for an abortion.

“Look, I already hads the one kid, and it was too damn much just feeding his ass and shit,” said Jones. “Then I found out that Marques got me pregnant. Or Damien did. Or Leon. Shit, it don’t matter who the baby daddy is. Alls I’m saying is that no one was giving me no $400 to go get rid of the kid, so better to kill two birds with one stone, anyway.”

Jones says that getting pregnant with her son Jamal was also an accident, and it ‘ruined her life.’

“Everyone kept telling me to keep him. They saying stuff like ‘Oh, you don’t want him now, but carry the baby and when he comes out you’ll never love anything more,'” said Jones. “I don’t know why I be listening to dumb bitches. I love plenty of things more. I love my Gucci bag more than Jamal for shit sake. I definitely ain’t about to be having no other one.”

The couple who were planning on purchasing Jamal said that they were “only doing it to help the child,” and see that he didn’t stay in an unwanted home. They are being charged in separate crimes by police.

New Law To Force Pregnant ‘Juggalettes’ To Have Abortions; Gov’t Wants To Avoid Breeding New ICP Fans



A new law that would force pregnant fans of the rap group Insane Clown Posse, otherwise known as “Juggalettes,” to have abortions is striking a nerve with those who say it takes away their fundamental rights to listen to bad music.

“No one is out there, telling Kid Rock fans that they have to have abortions, and if ever there were an abomination of music, it’s Kid Rock,” said Juggalo Mike “Ballswrecka” Fleming. “I got mad clown love for my homie and bitch Tasty Flavamaka, and she’s pregnant with our fifth little little juggalo homie. Ain’t no muthafuckin government fascist telling me I can’t have more babies, bitch. Whoop Whoop.”

“We are within our legal right to force pregnant juggalos, or ‘juggalettes,’ as they call them, to get an abortion,” said White House spokesman Daniel Bond. “ICP followers, these clown thugs, they’re a gang, and gangs are not allowed to co-mingle. When you have a woman, who is an ICP fan for some reason, carrying a child who they plan to raise to also, ugh, be an ICP fan, then you’ve got two fans, and that’s a gathering. Gathering of gang members is forbidden by law.”

According to the new law, anyone who has ever been to a Gathering of the Juggalos event, or to an ICP concert, or who currently owns any ICP CDs or merchandise, will not be allowed to be pregnant.

“If you are pregnant currently and consider yourself an ICP fan, then you will be required to receive an abortion,” said Bond. “If you are too far along to have an abortion based on current state and federal laws, then you will be asked to give your baby up for adoption so that it may be raised in a healthy, happy environment.”

Woman Creates Indiegogo Page To Raise Money For Abortion

SACRAMENTO, California – 

A 26-year-old Sacramento woman has turned to social media and crowd funding to cover the costs for what she says is a ‘medical emergency.’

“I really, really need an abortion,” says Kimberly Johnson on her Indiegogo page. “It’s going to cost about $700 at the clinic, and I don’t have a cent to my name. I don’t know which guy to go after to help pay for the processes, so anything you can donate would really help me out. Please share or donate today.”

The Indiegogo page was started by Johnson last week, and has so far raised only $2 dollars.

“I don’t know if people just don’t want to help, or if they’re not happy with my rewards options,” said Johnson when reached for comment. “I don’t have anything to give. If they donate $5 they get a personal ‘thank you’ through my Twitter. If they donate $100, they will actually get a piece of the fetus that they suck outta me. It’s really the only thing I’ve got to give, you know?”

According to Indiegogo policies, anyone can use their site for anything that want to raise money for, but a person will only get the money if they reach their goal. Johnson’s goal is $1,000.

“I know that the goal is actually a little more than the abortion is going to cost, but I figured while I’m at it, I could really use a new TV. The one I have now broke when my drunk ex threw a Wii-mote at it, and when you’re unemployed and living rent-free in the basement of your friend’s house, TV is really the only thing to keep you happy.”

Johnson’s Indiegogo funding ends on November 13th, which is only 2 days before she’d be too far along to end her pregnancy according to California law. “It’s down to the wire, but I could always just skip over to Nevada if need be. They have more lenient laws about abortions. I’ve had 4 or 5 there already.”

Kansas Fetus Hoping Abortion Legalized Before It Reaches Third Trimester


KANSAS CITY, Missouri – 

A Kansas City fetus is optimistic that the state will legalize 2nd trimester abortion before it reaches its 3rd trimester. Kansas currently outlaws the dilation and evacuation (d & c) procedure necessary to abort a pregnancy in the stages in which the fetus is already developed. But there is no indication that changes to the law will come into effect within the next three months.

“Look, being born would not be the worst thing that could happen,” the not-yet-alive being told reporters. “Well, actually it is. Born becomes infant, becomes being who feels immense physical and emotional pain. I don’t wanna go through it. And I don’t have to!”

The fetus’s mother says she is a law-abiding citizen and, although she does not want this baby, she will go through with it if she can find no legal way out, and raise it as her own – which it technically is.

“I’ll have the little bugger. I can take care of it. Yes, I won’t be the most attentive mother, and it’ll grow up maladapted, but what can ya do?”

The ‘little bugger’ asserted that its plan b is to convince its mother to commit the crime so that “I don’t have to do the time. It’s not fair! It’s just not fair! I’m going to campaign, and get other fetuses on my side, and start a petition even. I’m doing everything I can to stop my life from happening.”

Pro-choice activists have been swift to join the fetus’s cause, hoping that this will serve as an example for further legislation.

“It’s usually the mothers who we’re working with, even though we’re doing what we do for those poor unborn babies. Now we have the true victim with us, we know we can win this one.”

Kansas legislators, however, show no signs of backing down. They say that, because the fetus is not yet legally an adult, its opinion does not count, and that “if we give it this, we’re eventually gonna have to let them vote.”

Caitlyn Jenner To Have Fetus Surgically Implanted


LOS ANGELES, California – 

In an exclusive interview with Newsmonth Magazine last week, Caitlyn Jenner says that she is interested in taking the next step in becoming a woman. Although Jenner has clearly undertaken several surgeries to change the look of her face, she has reportedly stopped short of some of the “larger” surgeries one would undergo to fully transition from man to woman. Apparently, though, this hasn’t stopped Jenner from jumping a few steps, and going straight into surgical implantation of a fetus.

“I don’t know where they’re putting it just yet,” said Jenner to Newsmonth. “There are some scientific things to work out, and there are some biological things that we’re working out, but at my age and with my birth-assigned gender, going through a surgery to have a fetus implanted is the only way I can become a mom.”

“I have no idea why Dad…Mom…Caitlyn…I have no idea why the person formally known as Bruce Jenner would want to go through a pregnancy, or whatever this would be, at his…her…aw hell, I don’t know what pronoun to use,” said Jenner’s son Joey Jenner. “The hell with it. This entire idea is stupid, every bit of it. I’m okay with Dad becoming a woman; whatever, it’s his…ugh, it’s her life. But this is just stupid. What a health risk.”

Doctors say that there is no logical reason they can’t implant Jenner with a fetus, they just also have to implant a uterus, a bunch of other “internal organ” type things, and possibly a birth canal and a vagina.

“I think that Caitlyn Jenner is a marvel of the modern age,” said Dr. Harris Millstead, Jenner’s surgeon. “Bruce Jenner was an Olympian, and he was on a Wheaties box. Caitlyn Jenner won an ESPY and was on the cover of Vanity Fair. Obviously, Jenner has lived a life more full than anyone in the history of the universe. If she wants a baby, then by the powers of medical science, I will give her a damn baby.”

“Frankly, I wish we could just stop talking about her all together,” said Fred Myers, a random person we questioned on the street. “Who cares? Why is Jenner a hero for doing with thousands and thousands of other people did before her? Why is she winning awards for ‘courage’ when she hasn’t done anything courageous? Oh, because her PR team worked out a deal with ABC and ESPN for her to get that award on TV. That’s right. Just like everything else in Hollywood, Caitlyn Jenner is all about packaging herself. This will make for a great episode of I Am Caitlin, that’s obvious.”

Truer words were never spoken.



Supreme Court Rules Men Will Have Sole Decision In Termination of Pregnancy

Supreme Court Rules Men Will Have Sole Decision In Termination of Pregnancy


In a landmark ruling, supreme court Judge Joe Bornstein has stated that in instances of pregnancy, the baby’s father will have the sole decision making abilities on the right to abort.

“Science and studies have shown that men are the better decision makers, especially under times of heavy duress. I don’t know of a time of more duress in a person’s life than an unplanned pregnancy,” said Bornstein. “It is because of these issues that I rule that in instances of unplanned pregnancy, the father will have the sole decision making responsibilities on whether or not to terminate.”

Naturally, many people, especially uppity feminists, were extremely upset at the court’s decision.

“This is an outrage! It’s a crime against women! Help, I’m being raped by the government!” said Nicole Mosier, 26, who is a self-proclaimed feminist. “These judges, these men in robes, they bang their little gavels like they bang their little dicks, and they think they have control over me? They think they have control over any woman? Let’s see them tell me whether or not my rapist has control over whether or not I abort his baby. What will they do then?!” 

According to Bornstein, he is unfazed by the comments made by the emerging feminist party, who are calling for his literal balls on a platter.

“In time, they will learn that this is a man’s world, run by men, controlled by men. Women have their places, yes. Women can do many things a man can do, yes. But the one thing she definitely cannot do is make decisions for her own body, health, or the body and health of a possibly unwanted baby.”


Hobby Lobby Says No To Contraception, Yes To Suicide

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Hobby Lobby Says No To Contraception, Yes To Suicide Empire News

In a case that has millions divided, the Supreme Court made a decision recently in Hobby Lobby v. Burwell, ruling that the Hobby Lobby corporation has the right, due to the company’s sternly held religious beliefs, not to cover the acts of abortion or any sort of contraception to their employees via their offered insurance plans.

“The arguments have been made, and so has the decision.” Says Hobby Lobby CEO David Green.  “We believe that a women’s body is the property of the Almighty, and if he wants them to be pregnant, who are we to say differently?”

“This is an extremely big win for us, and for God Himself.” Says Ryan Silver, a representative for Hobby Lobby.  “Any form of birth control or an abortion are abominations unto God.  People really need to lay off this ‘women’s rights’ crap.  It seems that nowadays women feel like they should be treated as equally as men, and that is just wrong according to God Himself!”

Curiously, there are several things included in the coverage for Hobby Lobby employees that would rarely, if ever, be covered under any normal insurance plan.

“Upon review of the Hobby Lobby’s documentation from their insurance, there are a lot of, shall we say, abnormalities?” Says Mark Bertollini, CEO of Aetna Insurance.  “There are clauses in the fine print that enable someone be covered for self-euthanization. So if you work for Hobby Lobby and want to kill yourself, which is a definite possibility, you are covered. Don’t forget to get their life insurance policy as well, though, so your family can get some of your sweet death cash.”

“We know that suicide is a Hell-worthy trespass, but for the people who want to do it, there is no saving them anyway.  We feel that just because an employee wants to die and burn in eternal damnation, their family shouldn’t suffer for their own problems.  Killing yourself is one thing, but abortion is an entirely different matter. If you want an abortion, you better believe that God has a plan for that unborn, undeveloped egg-cell, and I will do anything in my power to make sure His will be done.”

Other things that are covered in the Hobby Lobby employee insurance plans include ‘Acts of God,’ and ‘Personal Injury or Death Due to Rapture.’ As of the ruling date, anyone who works for Hobby Lobby will be forced to either procure their condoms or birth control by paying out-of-pocket, or be forced to use the tried-and-true method of ‘pulling out’ to avoid unwanted pregnancy.


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