LA Clippers Guard Chris Paul Ordered To Avoid Women for Three Months

LA Clippers Guard Chris Paul Ordered To Avoid Women for Three Months


LOS ANGELES, California – 

On February 6, Clipper’s guard Chris Paul noted his disdain for a referee after a game. Following his critique of the referee, the player was disciplined. Now, Paul is in hot water after expressing his anger at a female valet at a night club. The player has now been instructed to make zero contact with females for a minimum of 90 days.

The NBA issued a directive to Chris Paul and the Clippers, stating that the player was not allowed to make any form of contact with females. This included eye contact of any kind. The Clippers declined to comment on the issue, stating that the Players Association would be handling their response.

The NBA issued a statement on their own behalf.

“The National Basketball Association feels no obligation to stand by a player who decides to mistreat individuals based on color, creed, or gender. Mr. Paul has continuously violated the trust of the Association, as well as the good faith of the female fans. Thus, Mr. Paul will be instructed to avert his eyes from any and all females until the Association feels he can do so without negative incident.”

Chris Paul was not available for comment, but his attorney made it clear that the player would not take the ruling lying down.

“My client did not mistreat anyone based on anything but incompetence,” said Mori Silverman. “The referee was out of line in the initial incident, and handled the situation poorly. The valet ran my client’s car into a pillar. The damages were more than $15,000 in total. My client is allowed to vent is anger at any individual for such behavior. It should not matter if it is a man, woman, ostrich, or egg.”



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