Milwaukee Parents Arrested For Giving Newborn Baby Racist Name

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin – Milwaukee Parents Arrested For Giving Newborn Baby Racist Name

Justin and Jan Bunnie, parents of a newborn baby boy were arrested shortly after returning home with their bundle of joy.  Why would parents of a newborn be taken into custody at this most important time in their lives?  Police Chief Arthur McManus said, “We didn’t ‘arrest’ them exactly; we ‘pre-arrested” them. Like detaining. We were following court orders.  The judge said they set the kid up for abuse in the future, so we had to take them in.”

Justin and Jan were first brought to the attention of the courts by doctors and nurses at the hospital where their baby was born. According to court records, the judge decided that they had given their newborn a name which, when coupled with their last name, forms a racial slur for African-Americans.  The editors of Empire News respect the intelligence and sensitivity of our readers, and in the interest of privacy and respect to the newborn, will refer to the baby simply by his first initial, ‘J.’

The couple was arrested for what Superior Court Judge Sylvia Hargrave called “future potential abuse from society at large due to irresponsible parenting and judgement leading to lifelong emotional damage.”

In an interview From the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility, Justin Bunnie said, “We didn’t mean nothing racial.  We wanted our kid to be someone special and get noticed in the world to succeed in life. Even if what the judge said is true, then my baby would have to defend himself and be strong.  You got to be strong to survive in this tough world, so this would make him stronger.”

“I wanted him to be a like a celebrity,” said Baby J—’s mother, Jan.  “Like sometimes famous people will have unique names that get attention and all the internet stories, like the Kardashians and Honey Boo Boo.  Everybody knows their names and they are rich and happy. That’s what we want for our little J—.  It’s not fair to put us in jail.

The couple’s public defender, John Offmore spoke about the case.  “We’re petitioning to have them released on probation in exchange for a change of baby name.  It is unfortunate that a child would go through life being called “J— Bunnie.  I’ve told my clients that although it is their choice, it was misguided, and they seem to have taken it seriously.”

Justin Bunnie reluctantly went along with his legal counsel’s idea.  “Well, it’s for the good of the baby,” he said. “And we also got to think about our older son, Francis.”  Francis goes by the nickname ‘Fuzzy.’ “No one had a problem with that name.”

The couple should be released within the week.  An alternate name has not yet been chosen, although Jan Bunnie was provided with a baby name book, courtesy of the State of Wisconsin.  “I’m kind of leaning towards ‘Harry,’ but I have to check with my husband first,” she said.



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