Rapper Eminem Gives Homeless Man Check For $1 Million

DETROIT, Michigan – Eminem Gives One Million Dollars To Homeless Man

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, best known by his stage name Eminem, took to the streets of Detroit, Michigan last week on what he said was “a mission from God.” His plan was to find a complete stranger and give him or her a check for a whopping one million dollars. The 42-year-old rap icon followed through with the quest when he presented a homeless man, Raymond “Pops” Clark, 52, with that check.

According to witnesses, Mathers, worth an estimated $130 million, was walking down Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit with bodyguards when he saw Clark, a black man with a white beard, and only wearing one shoe, who was pushing a shopping cart while collecting aluminum cans. Mathers stopped the man and talked with him for a while, then gave him the check. Michelle Grisdale, a resident who lives in a nearby apartment saw the whole thing.

“I couldn’t believe it, Eminem was right there and talking to Pops,” Grisdale said. “Then he just gave him a check for a million dollars, just like that. It happened about two days ago, and the whole block has been partying ever since.”

According to the neighborhood, they have been keeping Pops happy, with the local Detroit salesman providing him with everything he could ever need.

“Pops been buying booze, weed, coke, crack, cola, molly, meth, blue and yellow purple pills – just whatever he wants, he buys,” said Detroit resident Geoffrey Jones. “It’s been one big ass, cray-cray party on this block ever since Em was here. Pops has been buying spreading the love with the neighborhood, too. He bought chicken and biscuits from Popeye’s for the whole block. It was Goddamn nice of him, too. We love that old bastard around here. Well, we do now that he’s got money, anyway.”

The rapper was asked about his good deed during a recent radio interview on WKFD radio in Detroit, and he said it was the least he could do for the community.

“Well, I know what it’s like, ya know? I’m a product of the streets, of that community, ya know? So yeah, I hooked an old dude up, told him to buy some shoes, enjoy himself a bit. Get off the streets. I hope he’s using the money wisely. A million dollars – man, that could set him up for life if he does shit right.”

According to Pops, though, most of the money is already gone.

“I’ve got about $84 dollars left,” said Pops. “It was a really great 34 hours or so, though. Best time I’ve ever had in my life.”



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