Survivor of Shark Attack to Sue Katy Perry for ‘Insensitive’ Super Bowl Halftime Performance

Survivor of Shark Attack to Sue Katy Perry for 'Insensitive' Super Bowl Halftime Performance


PHOENIX, Arizona –

Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show on the 1st of February was the most watched performance in the event’s history, garnering over 118 million views. The acclaimed production included a giant mechanical lion, anthropomorphic beach balls and palm trees, fireworks, and cameos from Missy Elliott and Lenny Kravitz.

Perhaps the strangest appearance, however, was that of cute dancing sharks, and it’s this support act that has landed Perry in some legal in hot water. Joe Lyons, a survivor of a January shark attack in which the his entire close and extended family was brutally torn apart, is suing the pop-star for her insensitive use of the killer creatures.

“Joe is bewildered by Perry’s thoughtlessness,” wrote Lyons’ lawyer Harry Bedford in a press release. “He’s a longtime fan of her’s, and is especially hurt after being betrayed by someone he admires. No money is being requested; just a public apology and all recordings of the show to be removed from YouTube and any other online platforms.”

A source close to the victim confirmed Lyon’s sentiments.

“Katy has been important to Joe since I Kissed A Girl basically won him his now brutally killed wife, Carol,” explained the friend. “He wore cherry chapstick on their first date, seeing as that was what girls like Perry apparently like, and it totally worked. That’s why it’s so devastating that she could thoughtlessly defile the memory of the deceased.”

Legal expert Lucy Janet believes that Lyons has a strong case.

“Can you imagine the outcry if Osama Bin Laden had been one of her backup dancers? Families of the victims of 9/11 would come out in droves. What about if Hurricane Katrina had accompanied her? That certainly would have been politically and humanly insensitive. It’s best if she just recognizes the consequences of her actions and can put the whole thing behind her – far enough behind her this time that they can’t be seen on the stage.”



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