Anti-Semitism Blamed For Jewish Teen’s Failure to Graduate


GARDEN GATE, Illinois – 

The failure of eighteen year old Moshe Rabinowitz to graduate from St Peter’s High School has been attributed to anti-Semitism within the school. Rabinowitz has attended the Catholic High since 2nd grade, and had no problems thus far, but teachers this week revealed to his parents that he is failing in his final year, and will not be able to improve in time for final exams. The disappointed student, who expects to become a doctor, told reporters that he felt let down by the school.

“I didn’t realize that they hated Jews, but I guess my rabbis always told me to watch out for latent anti-Semitism,” Rabinowitz said. “I mean, in Germany in the 30s, Jews thought they were welcome, and then look what happened. So it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise to learn that everyone there was setting me up for failure all along.”

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a Jewish organization aimed primarily at fighting anti-Semitism, spoke out strongly against St Peter’s, and threatened to take legal action if the school did not alter their decision.

“It is very regrettable that it’s come to this,” Abraham Foxman, head of the ADL, wrote in an open letter to the school’s board. “We do everything we can to ensure that our people are protected against this kind of discrimination. Sometimes we feel comfortable, but incidents such as this one are sad reminders that everyone hates us.”

Foxman was referencing a poll that the ADL conducted which they said indicated that over a quarter of the world’s population is anti-Semitic. The poll was largely disregarded by the world at large, which in turn was blamed on anti-Semitism.

Rabinowitz’s parents told the ADL that they were made to feel uncomfortable for practicing their religion.

“They called us in, singled us out,” said Mrs Rabinowitz. “I for one couldn’t let down my guard, with them telling me that my boy wasn’t good enough for them. You’d think in the twenty first century things would be different, but it seems no one is learning.”

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