Young Man Killed After Samsung Note 7 Explodes In His Face While Wearing It In Virtual Reality Headset

BOSTON, Massachusetts – 

A Boston man has died after he ignored recall warnings from Samsung about their Note 7 cell phones exploding, and put it into his newly purchased Gear VR. The Gear VR is a headset worn around the face that offers a “virtual reality” experience with your own cell phone. It is designed to work with a wide variety of Samsung products.

Max Willis, 20, died after his Note exploded while it was inside his headset, causing his eyes and face to be torn apart.

“Normally, the ‘explosion’ of these devices is very small, but even a very small explosion that close to your face will obviously kill you,” said police chief Robert Thompson. “When we arrived at the scene, Mr. Willis’ face was in several parts all over the floor, and the plastic pieces from his headset and phone were embedded in the wall behind him. It was the most gruesome thing I’ve ever seen.”

Samsung has offered to pay Willis’ parents a clean-up cost for their home, and say they are willing to give each member of the family a phone at half-price from their array of Samsung, certified pre-owned devices.

Teen Violently Disfigured After Glass Bong Explodes, Rips Off Face

DENVER, Colorado – 

A 16-year-old teenage girl has reportedly been hospitalized after a bong she was smoking marijuana out of exploded, causing severe damage to her face.

“My daughter was told not to smoke the weed, but she didn’t listen, and now her beautiful face is gone,” said the teen’s mother. “I wish that I had been a better parent and paid more attention to her. She only started smoking weed because I worked so much, and now she’s going to be disfigured. I blame myself. I blame myself!”

Doctors say that this is the 12th bong explosion incident since Colorado legalized marijuana two years ago.

“We have seen, too often, these explosions of marijuana bongs. Teens do not seem to realize how volatile and dangerous smoking ganja can be, especially when smoking out of a giant piece of glass,” said Dr. Emile Jones. “In this specific situation, the girl’s face has been almost entirely removed. It will take years for skin grafting to be completed, and she will definitely never be sexy again.”

The unnamed teen’s parents are urging anyone who smokes to stop as soon as possible.

“Never light the bong again, or your face could also be ripped away,” said the teen’s father. “This is the most depressing thing to ever happen to anyone ever. Please learn from my daughter’s mistakes and put down the pot.”

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