Former ‘Dexter’ Star Michael C. Hall Goes Incognito, Auditions On ‘American Idol’

Former 'Dexter' Star Michael C. Hall Goes Incognito, Auditions On 'American Idol'


SAN FRANCISCO, California –

As first round American Idol auditions made their final stop in San Francisco, the judges and fans had the wool pulled over their collective heads when former star of the hit television show ‘Dexter,’ Michael C. Hall, auditioned using an alias and didn’t reveal his identity until this morning.

Hall, the 43-year-old actor called into the ‘Bob & Tom’ syndicated radio show this morning for a brief interview and when asked what he had been up to, he announced the shocking revelation.

“Well, just last night I think I fooled the entire country,” Hall said. When asked to explain what he was referring to, Hall went on to describe, in detail, what had taken place during pre-recorded American Idol auditions, which actually occurred weeks ago. “Well, for those who watched American Idol last night, if they thought one of the contestants looked like me, guess what? It was me.” Hall explained with a snicker.

Bob Kevoian, of the comedic talk radio duo then asked Hall if he was serious. “Absolutely, I auditioned on American Idol with the intention of looking like a fool, and I must have fooled the nation because I have not heard anything about it. I began singing in the fifth grade in choir, and went on to perform in several musicals in high school back in North Carolina. I did stuff like Oklahoma, Fiddler on the Roof, and The Sound of Music. Basically I just wanted to be troll and be a goofball. And I achieved my goal. I sucked, and they told me so.” Hall said with laughter. “Thank God I have this whole ‘world famous television star’ thing to fall back on.”


Hall goes incognito – performs tunes on America Idol






Jared Leto Says Justin Bieber Won’t Stop Sending Him Dirty Texts, Snapchat Pictures

LOS ANGELES, California – Jared Leto Says Justin Bieber Won't Stop Sending Him Dirty Snapchat Pictures

While being interviewed by WKYL-FM Los Angeles radio talk show host Jenny McIntyre, actor and musician Jared Leto made a shocking statement when asked about obsessed fans. “Justin Bieber is my most obsessed fan, by far. Of all the guys who look up to me and the girls that are into me, Bieber is the worst. That dude will not leave me alone,” Leto said during the interview.

McIntyre laughed, assuming that Leto was just joking, but Leto said he was very serious, and has been trying for months to get Bieber to stop texting him.

“No, I am as serious as a heart attack. We met literally one time, and I gave him my number and was like ‘hey, we should hang out, get some drinks sometime.’ I guess he took it the wrong way,” Leto said. “So ever since then, he calls me at least three or four times a day. I don’t answer, so he texts. There have been a few days where he’s sent me over 200 texts or pictures.”

The star, known for films such as Requiem For a Dream and The Dallas Buyers Club (which earned him his first Oscar), is also the frontman for alternative rock outfit 30 Seconds To Mars. He said that he was just trying to be polite when he met Bieber at a concert last year, and didn’t think the pop singer would even contact him.

“When he did text me the first time, I really was going to hang out with him,” said Leto. “It was just that our schedules didn’t line up, and I told him we would get it together eventually. I think he took that completely the wrong way, though. He started sending me pictures through snapchat. I’m a very progressive guy, but there are some things I really don’t want to see; If I wanted to check out Justin’s little Bieber, I’d Google it just like any normal teenage girl or sexually frustrated housewife.”

Bieber, who has been hounded by the media ever since Leto’s interview went viral, said that he doesn’t even know who Jared Leto is, but that it’s very possible he’s sent him nude pics, because he “sends them to everyone.”



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