‘Dexter’ Creator James Manos Jr. Admits Series Ending Was ‘Horrible,’ Plans To Bring Show Back For One Final Season

'Dexter' Creator James Manos Jr. Admits Series Ending Was 'Horrible,' Plans To Bring Show Back For One Final Season


MIAMI, Florida –

It can sometimes be hard to admit when a mistake is made. It can be doubly difficult when the mistake costs millions to produce and leaves a following of fans unsatisfied and despondent. That is why James Manos Jr’s admission that he could have done better with the series’ ending was such a breath of fresh air to Dexter fans.

“Quite frankly, we screwed up. It was horrible, and we’re ready to make it right with a true final season” said Manos Jr.

The Dexter series pulled in millions of fans to its twisted storyline of a serial killer tied to a bizarre moral code. Throughout eight seasons, the show wowed audiences while keeping them guessing at every turn. Unfortunately, the final episode undid all the positive motion that the previous seasons had built. A ruined climax and a rather uninspired ending left many crying foul and wanting a redo. Now, unhappy fans will finally get their wish.

“To be honest, the ending was simply thrown together because we ran out of time,” said Manos Jr. “We were all dealing with a big bout of writer’s block by the end of the show’s run. We heard that Breaking Bad was putting Walter White in the Northwest forests. We thought it would be great to put our murderer there as well. Can you imagine? A forest battle between Walter White and Dexter Morgan? We thought it was going to be brilliant.”

Unfortunately for Manos, the AMC series turned away from its original concept and killed off Walter White in the final episode, leaving Dexter in the woods alone.

“Without warning, their ending was totally different. We were left hanging there with our murderer out in the forest with no antagonist. But it was too late to save the finale since ours was a week prior to their own. They screwed us, and in turn, we screwed the fans. So now we’ve simply got to do a true final season.”

Manos Jr. Stated the ninth season could begin as early as 2016. Fans are already starting the gossip mill on who will be the antagonist, with many clamoring for Jesse Ventura.

“At the very least, even if we screwed up again, I can promise this,” said Manos Jr. “we will definitely not just cut to black in the middle of a conversation. Sorry, Sopranos. You’re alone in that boat.”

Former ‘Dexter’ Star Michael C. Hall Goes Incognito, Auditions On ‘American Idol’

Former 'Dexter' Star Michael C. Hall Goes Incognito, Auditions On 'American Idol'


SAN FRANCISCO, California –

As first round American Idol auditions made their final stop in San Francisco, the judges and fans had the wool pulled over their collective heads when former star of the hit television show ‘Dexter,’ Michael C. Hall, auditioned using an alias and didn’t reveal his identity until this morning.

Hall, the 43-year-old actor called into the ‘Bob & Tom’ syndicated radio show this morning for a brief interview and when asked what he had been up to, he announced the shocking revelation.

“Well, just last night I think I fooled the entire country,” Hall said. When asked to explain what he was referring to, Hall went on to describe, in detail, what had taken place during pre-recorded American Idol auditions, which actually occurred weeks ago. “Well, for those who watched American Idol last night, if they thought one of the contestants looked like me, guess what? It was me.” Hall explained with a snicker.

Bob Kevoian, of the comedic talk radio duo then asked Hall if he was serious. “Absolutely, I auditioned on American Idol with the intention of looking like a fool, and I must have fooled the nation because I have not heard anything about it. I began singing in the fifth grade in choir, and went on to perform in several musicals in high school back in North Carolina. I did stuff like Oklahoma, Fiddler on the Roof, and The Sound of Music. Basically I just wanted to be troll and be a goofball. And I achieved my goal. I sucked, and they told me so.” Hall said with laughter. “Thank God I have this whole ‘world famous television star’ thing to fall back on.”


Hall goes incognito – performs tunes on America Idol






At least 17 Bodies Found In Ohio River Near Henderson, Kentucky

empire-17-bodies-found-ohio-river-dexter-killerHENDERSON, Kentucky –

A mass burial ground was discovered by divers near Henderson, Kentucky yesterday, after a local man walking his dog had alerted police that he thought he saw someone floating down the Ohio River.

Police searched the area, and discovered at least 17 bodies in different stages of dismemberment and decay. The bodies were all found wrapped individually in plastic bags.

“This could be the most prolific, active serial killer in the United States.” Said Captain Owen St. Pierre of the Henderson police department. “Two of the bodies identified so far have been determined to have extensive criminal records; we are considering the possibility that these murders could be inspired by the television series Dexter.

Dexter, which ran for several seasons on the cable network Showtime followed the story of a serial killer who only killed criminals.

Several attempts were made to resuscitate at least one of the dismembered bodies, with no avail.

“Kentucky law requires that an attempt be made to resuscitate if possible,” said Joseph Goldsmith, a member of the search and rescue team.  “I know it seemed to be a long-shot, given the body was in several different pieces, but they require us to make an attempt.”

Currently, police are considering all possible leads in their investigation, and so far have questioned several higher-ranking members of the prominent Kentucky Mafia, as well as leaders of both major street gangs. So far, their efforts have turned up no new information.

“We will work tirelessly on this case until we see that the person or persons responsible are prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law.” Said Captain St. Pierre.

Names of the identified bodies were not made available, pending notification to the families.

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