17-Year-Old Wins $300k Playing Craps At Casino, Looking For Someone To Cash In His Chips

17-Year-Old Wins $300k Playing Craps At Casino, Looking For Someone To Cash In His Chips


LAS VEGAS, Nevada –

A young man from Kansas City, Missouri has found himself in a delightfully difficult situation after he went on a winning spree at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The problem? He is only 17-years-old, and can’t legally cash the over $300,000 in chips. Now, Brandon Marvin is forced to look for someone who can cash the chips for him.

“I was just supposed to play one roll as a goof,” Brandon explained about his monumental run of luck. “I don’t even know how to play craps. I just started placing chips in on spots and the dealer kept pushing money in my direction.”

The Hard Rock and Hotel would not comment on the issue. They stated they are reviewing the security footage and will deal with the issue as it comes. Brandon, who cannot cash the chips in himself, now has to find a way to get another player to cash them. The concern for anyone familiar with Vegas, is that being caught trying to launder the young players money could result in an unfortunate outcomes.

Says Vincent Chapelloni, head of security at The Hard Rock, of Marvin’s situation, “It is wonderful to see youth finding such fortune. Sadly for him, it was done without the proper guidance to our laws. It would be unfortunate for the young man if he attempted to take what is not legally his. It would be even more unfortunate if he and his associates were found in a ditch next week.”

Marvin is now stuck with a pile of chips and a very tough decision to make.

“It’s not like I was trying to beat the system. I literally had no idea what I was doing. People wouldn’t let me leave the table because I kept rolling sevens and my bets kept landing. I must have tried to leave 10 times. But the players refused to let me go.”

When asked if they would compensate the 17-year-old for turning in the chips, the Hard Rock declined an answer, stating they would still need to wait and see how the situation played out.

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