Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris, 16, Confirms Pregnancy


Michael Jackson's Daughter Paris, 16, Confirms Pregnancy

LOS ANGELES, California – 

After much speculation, Michael Jackson’s 16 year old daughter, Paris, has confirmed that she is pregnant. The announcement comes in the wake of sightings of the teenage Jackson with a burgeoning belly, and recently raising a glass of water instead of wine during a dinner toast.

The child of the deceased singer stated that she had nothing to hide, and that teenage pregnancy is fine, as long as the parents are in love.

Regarding the father, Jackson made the shock announcement that Dr. Conrad Murray is the man who impregnated her. Murray was recently released from prison after 2 years for involuntary manslaughter in relation to the King of Pop’s death.

“I never knew Con while dad was alive,” said Paris. “While he was in prison, I went to speak to him, to find answers. It didn’t start out well. His first words to me were, ‘Hello Parise,” mispronouncing my name in a creepy tone of voice. After a while, he started to fascinate me. I saw the human being inside him.”

Prison authorities are now under pressure to explain how the underage Paris was permitted to sleep with the convict. Harold Pearson gave a press conference contradicting her admissions.

“Paris never entered the prison, let alone slept with the convict. Her words are the obvious delusions of a diseased mind. Such negligence would not occur in such a tightly run establishment. Besides, I’m a big fan of the King’s career. I treated Murray like shit while he was here.”

Despite Conrad Murray denying the accusation, Paris is sticking to her story.

“Of course he denies it. It’s statutory rape. But it happened, and I won’t be silent, as it’s a testament to how such good can come from a bad situation.”

Murray’s lawyer told sources that the doctor will be releasing a cover of the Michael Jackson hit, Billie Jean, replacing the titular character with the Paris’s name.

“He is the one,” Paris responded. “The kid, who I will be naming Comforter, is definitely his son.”

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