Robin Williams Alive? Several People Say They’ve Spotted Actor In Australia

Robin Williams Alive? Several People Say They've Spotted Actor In Australia


SYDNEY, Australia – 

In the last two weeks, several residents and tourists claim they have seen legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams in various parts of Sydney, Australia. One man claims that he even talked to Williams, who is best known for roles as the Genie in Aladdin or as the feisty Mrs. Doubtfire. 

Carmine DeSpargio, a tourist from Albany, New York, said that he saw a man who looked just like Williams while on vacation recently at a Sydney, Australia beach.

“I kept telling my wife, ‘that guy looks just like Robin Williams!’ She told me I was crazy,” DeSpargio said. “So I walked over to this guy, just trying to come up with some kind of small talk, I asked him if he knew if it was going to rain or not tomorrow, and he said he didn’t think so. I knew then it was him. He answered me in one of his trademark fake accents, and while we chatted, he laughed a lot. After that, I was 100% sure it was him. Granted, I had already drank about 5 or 6 Fosters, but even when I was sober, I was still pretty sure.”

Pictures from several people have begun to surface online, claiming Williams is alive and well and living in, or at least visiting, Sydney. This brings back into question the official police report, in which detectives noted that at the site of Williams’ reported suicide, they were not 100% sure if the deceased body was actually that of the comedian, or of someone else.

Conspiracy theorists, such as Armand Goldtree, say that no DNA evidence was ever supplied to prove it was the body of Williams that police found dead in his home on August 11, 2014, making the case “rather suspicious,” according to Goldtree.

“Detectives on the scene were not convinced it was Williams, and somewhere along the way, it was decided it was him, but no official record shows who made that call, which is usually made by detectives on the scene. And they definitely did not make that call,” Goldtree said. “In my professional skeptic opinion, Robin Williams has joined the ranks of other famous celebrity comedians who have successfully tricked the world into thinking they had passed. If Andy Kaufman, John Candy, and Chris Farley can do it, so can Robin Williams.”


Is Robin Williams alive, and living in Australia?


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