Robin Williams Alive? Several People Say They’ve Spotted Actor In Australia

Robin Williams Alive? Several People Say They've Spotted Actor In Australia


SYDNEY, Australia – 

In the last two weeks, several residents and tourists claim they have seen legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams in various parts of Sydney, Australia. One man claims that he even talked to Williams, who is best known for roles as the Genie in Aladdin or as the feisty Mrs. Doubtfire. 

Carmine DeSpargio, a tourist from Albany, New York, said that he saw a man who looked just like Williams while on vacation recently at a Sydney, Australia beach.

“I kept telling my wife, ‘that guy looks just like Robin Williams!’ She told me I was crazy,” DeSpargio said. “So I walked over to this guy, just trying to come up with some kind of small talk, I asked him if he knew if it was going to rain or not tomorrow, and he said he didn’t think so. I knew then it was him. He answered me in one of his trademark fake accents, and while we chatted, he laughed a lot. After that, I was 100% sure it was him. Granted, I had already drank about 5 or 6 Fosters, but even when I was sober, I was still pretty sure.”

Pictures from several people have begun to surface online, claiming Williams is alive and well and living in, or at least visiting, Sydney. This brings back into question the official police report, in which detectives noted that at the site of Williams’ reported suicide, they were not 100% sure if the deceased body was actually that of the comedian, or of someone else.

Conspiracy theorists, such as Armand Goldtree, say that no DNA evidence was ever supplied to prove it was the body of Williams that police found dead in his home on August 11, 2014, making the case “rather suspicious,” according to Goldtree.

“Detectives on the scene were not convinced it was Williams, and somewhere along the way, it was decided it was him, but no official record shows who made that call, which is usually made by detectives on the scene. And they definitely did not make that call,” Goldtree said. “In my professional skeptic opinion, Robin Williams has joined the ranks of other famous celebrity comedians who have successfully tricked the world into thinking they had passed. If Andy Kaufman, John Candy, and Chris Farley can do it, so can Robin Williams.”


Is Robin Williams alive, and living in Australia?


Michael Jackson Seen Alive, Hiding In Canada Under Assumed Name

ONTARIO, Canada – Michael Jackson Seen Alive, Hiding In Canada Under Assumed Name

Soon after the June 2009 death of the ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson, a number of worldwide conspiracy theories and death hoax scenarios emerged, generated by fans who either refuse to deal in reality, or by individuals who genuinely believe that a cover-up concerning Jackson’s death took place.

Although most stories are taken about as seriously as reports of an Elvis Presley sighting at a Burger King, suspicious events in Ontario, Canada are leading many to believe that Jackson, in order to escape mounting legal problems, staged his death, assumed a second identity, and is now living in Canada under the name Alain Pontifex.

One week after reports of Jackson’s death, a mysterious newcomer moved into a small bungalow near Ontario’s Lake Doré.  According to a neighbor, a fleet of moving vans and a limousine pulled up in front of the property where a ‘pale middle-aged male’ was escorted into to the house, surrounded by what appeared to be 3 bodyguards.

Census records list Alain Pontifex as the owner of the home.  He has never been seen in public.  A small live-in staff attends to his needs.  When locals ask questions about Pontifex, the answer given by household employees is always the same: “Mr. Pontifex is a very private person.”

Jackson ‘truthers’ believe that stories of the entertainer’s ill health and frailty while rehearsing for his 2009 “This Is It” London comeback concert were all part of a disinformation campaign designed to lend credibility to Jackson’s faked death.  “Truth For MJ,” a Jackson death hoax organization with a growing membership, cites many hints leading to the logical conclusion that Alain Pontifex and Michael Jackson are one and the same person.  Group moderator writes:

  • Many packages delivered to the cottage are from theatrical makeup and costume companies
  • Visitors to the cottage are always privately escorted from Ottawa International Airport to the Pontifex home by staff members and shielded with umbrellas
  • The town has received a request for a permit to house exotic animals on the premises.

A former contractor hired to do “outside work” around the cottage said “I never met Mr. Pontifex, but I did hear his voice once or twice.  It did sound like Michael Jackson’s voice,” said the anonymous worker.  “I can’t swear that it was Jackson, but I got the feeling it was some famous person who wanted to hide out, and I think I heard something about them building a recording studio inside the house.”

Town officials offer no comment except to say that they respect the wishes of all members of the community.  A few Jackson truthers have attempted to visit the cottage, but have been stopped by private security.

So now, conspiracy theorists have one more plot to debunk, add to, or pick apart.  In a recent posting, MJtruthcaptainBob said, “The truth is out there and we, the world’s greatest fans of Michael Jackson will work hard to expose it.  We owe it to the greatest entertainer in the world.  He never gave up on us, and we will never give up on him,” he added.

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