Jeb Bush Says He Will Use Remaining Campaign Contributions To Buy Yacht, Sail Around The World

Jeb Bush Touted to Launch Presidential Bid; Expected to Release Video for Public to Mock

DALLAS, Texas – 

Former presidential candidate Jeb Bush has dropped out of the campaign race this year, after finally coming to the realization that he didn’t have a chance in hell of winning even the part nomination, let alone a seat in the White House.

Bush says that he will use the remaining money in his campaign fund, approximately $4 million, and buy a yacht, with plans to sail around the world.

“Normally I wouldn’t waste campaign money on something so frivolous,” said Bush. “I appreciate every person and company who, for some reason, had the bad foresight to donate to my campaign. Instead of using that money to support another candidate or give back, what I’ve decided is that I need a nice, long cruise around the world on a new yacht. I’ve already picked it out, and I’ve named it Queen Barbara, after my momma.”

Bush says that he plans to set sail in August, with hopes of “missing the end of the election completely.”

Billionaire’s Yacht Destroys Coral Reef; Claims It’s ‘No Big Deal’



Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s yacht is allegedly responsible for the destruction of 14,000 square feet of protected coral reef. After beating a battle with cancer in the 1980’s, Allen started living large, buying extremely high-priced toys, beautiful women, and excessively big boats. The 300-foot luxury yacht, the Tatoosh, dragged its anchor through the delicate reef, obliterating the delicate habitat.

Allen was not on board at the time, and responded that if he is responsible he can afford to make amends. “This is no big deal. What’s a few billion dollars to me?” He says he also plans to sell the boat for charity, which includes features such as a gym, cinema, swimming pool, and two helipads.

The Cayman Islands’ Department of Environment could not be reached for comment, but coral reef activists say the damage done to the reef is immeasurable. The damaged reef also destroyed two popular scuba diving locations, which means a long-term loss in tourist revenue. Under Cayman law, any vehicle that damages the reefs will be fined.

Republican Party Plans to Change Symbol From Elephant To Yacht

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  Republican Party Plans to Change Symbol From Elephant To Yacht

In an attempt to appeal to all demographics, the Republican Party has announced plans to change its symbol from the iconic, steadfast image of the elephant, to a yacht. This campaign to make the historical change in a political party so known for tradition was spearheaded by the young adults of the party, specifically the Young Republic National Federation, also known as the YRNF.

“It’s about time,” said YRNF president Braxton Davis. “Every hard-working, Christian, tax-hating, big business-loving, pro-life, Polo-wearing Republican has a yacht for cracking open American made brewskis.”

The party is frantically preparing for the 2016 presidential election, when the yacht symbol will be in full effect. To at least pretend like they try to save money, they’ll use the rest of the stickers, posters, and pins that have elephants on them until they completely run out.

“This way, the party is more itself. I mean, I’ve met Democrats who love elephants…this girl I dated had an elephant necklace and she voted for Obama. But I can’t even count how many Democrats like yachts on a finger, but that’s mostly because I can’t lift my fingers due to the giant class rings and champion rings from my years of playing good old American football,” Davis added. “And if the Democrats want to get on our level, we think a marijuana cigarette would be a great symbol.”

This transition has been reviews as being very popular among older, ‘respected’ Republican politicians. Mitt Romney said, “While not all Republicans drink American brewskis on their yachts, this symbol really speaks to all generations of Republicans, and will make a huge difference in our long, hard effort to take over the universe.”

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