Nike Admits To Making Some Shoes From Skin of Elephants


GROVER, Kansas –

After a boycott hashtag surfaced last month over Nike making their sneakers using the skin of elephants, the company stayed very mum on the subject, and made no public comment on the viral images and memes. Today, though, the massive shoe empire came forward, and admitted that they had been using the hide of many animals, including elephants, to make their shoes.

“We are extremely sorry that we did not make this known to our customers when they purchased our shoes, but we are, to be honest, embarrassed about it,” said a statement. “We began making Nike shoes in a different time, and it wasn’t as looked down upon to make our shoes from the skin of animals, even endangered ones. Once things took off, though, there was no stopping.”

Nike says that they have used elephant, lion, cat, snake, and even giraffe skin in their shoes over the years, and that they had never been able to find a suitable faux substitute that would also be able to hold up in the same way their shoes could.

“Animal hides are rough, rugged, and tough, and they keep our shoes lasting, while also allowing us to charge a premium for the shoes,” said the company in the same statement. “We are currently developing new materials that we can make the shoes out of, while still maintaining the same quality our customers have come to know.”

Baby Born With Facial Features Of Elephant Gets Mother Arrested On Beastiality Charges

baby elephant

SAN DIEGO, California – 

A San Diego woman, Julie Clarke, 30, was arrested on possible beastiality charges after her baby, who was born almost 9 weeks premature, was delivered and had facial features of an elephant.

“We are extremely excited and immensely disturbed that this child was born,” said Dr. Emmett Brown of the San Diego Medical Center. “Excited because it would be the first case of a sort of ‘natural’ gene combing, forming a new species. We are disturbed because the only way that this baby could have been made was because his mother had sex with an elephant.”

Clarke, who happens to be an employee at the San Diego Zoo, says that she didn’t have sex with an elephant, although she does say that she has no idea who the father of her baby is.

“I was going through a bit of a phase late last year into the beginning of this year,” said Clarke. “I was pretty much screwing anything that moved. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship, so it’s what you do, you know? I think I’d remember having sex with an elephant though. Wouldn’t I? I mean seriously? I drank a ton at that point, but…Oh God, did I fuck an elephant and forget about it?”

Doctors are working closely with police investigators to see if Clarke should be charged with beastiality, or if some other sort of genetic malfunction caused the elephant face of the baby.

“One thing is certain, though, regardless of whether Ms. Clarke remembers having sex with an elephant,” said Dr. Brown. “The elephant, wherever he is, definitely remembers. After all, an elephant never forgets.”

Republican Party Plans to Change Symbol From Elephant To Yacht

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  Republican Party Plans to Change Symbol From Elephant To Yacht

In an attempt to appeal to all demographics, the Republican Party has announced plans to change its symbol from the iconic, steadfast image of the elephant, to a yacht. This campaign to make the historical change in a political party so known for tradition was spearheaded by the young adults of the party, specifically the Young Republic National Federation, also known as the YRNF.

“It’s about time,” said YRNF president Braxton Davis. “Every hard-working, Christian, tax-hating, big business-loving, pro-life, Polo-wearing Republican has a yacht for cracking open American made brewskis.”

The party is frantically preparing for the 2016 presidential election, when the yacht symbol will be in full effect. To at least pretend like they try to save money, they’ll use the rest of the stickers, posters, and pins that have elephants on them until they completely run out.

“This way, the party is more itself. I mean, I’ve met Democrats who love elephants…this girl I dated had an elephant necklace and she voted for Obama. But I can’t even count how many Democrats like yachts on a finger, but that’s mostly because I can’t lift my fingers due to the giant class rings and champion rings from my years of playing good old American football,” Davis added. “And if the Democrats want to get on our level, we think a marijuana cigarette would be a great symbol.”

This transition has been reviews as being very popular among older, ‘respected’ Republican politicians. Mitt Romney said, “While not all Republicans drink American brewskis on their yachts, this symbol really speaks to all generations of Republicans, and will make a huge difference in our long, hard effort to take over the universe.”

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