Woman Sues Pepper Spray Manufacturer After Can Found To Contain Silly String

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – empire-news-woman-sues-after-pepper-spray-turns-out-to-be-silly-string

A robbery and attack on a local women in Texas is flooding the news this morning, but for reasons other than the actual attack. A 38-year-old woman, Joanne Lewis, was assaulted Wednesday night while walking her dog. She sustained minor injuries, and the assailant left with only $23 dollars and her cell phone.

Where the story takes an interesting turn is that when Lewis attempted to fight back with what she thought was her recently-purchased can of pepper spray, the product turned out to be silly string.

Lewis is now taking the matter to court, claiming negligence on the part of the company the produced the silly string, claiming things could have gone a lot differently if the attack was more serious.

“I was trying to save my life and my belongings, not set up a silly prank.” said Lewis. “He came at me and asked for my [expletive] money, and when I reached in my purse for my spray I screamed ‘take that!’ Once the silly string came out the guy began to laugh in my face, and then pushed me to the ground.”

The company who made the defective pepper spray, Sting & String, has refused to comment, but according to their website, the company does manufacture both pepper spray and silly string. The woman is claiming that negligence is the cause for this mix up, and the company will pay.

“I’m very lucky to still be alive, and the fact that this happened to me makes me wonder how many other people this has affected. I can only imagine little kids at a birthday party playing with silly string and actually pepper spraying each other.” Said Lewis.

The company has recalled the product for the time being, and suggests that their previous customers do a test spray before using any of their items.





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