Six-Year Old Steps On Crack, Breaks Mother’s Back

SALINA, Kansas – Six-Year Old Steps On Crack, Breaks Mother’s Back

First-grader Timothy Barton enjoys things that typical youngsters enjoy — playing with action figures, spending time with his older brother Tucker, and running around the house.  When asked to name his favorite food, he enthusiastically replies “pizza!”

“He loves jumping,” says the six-year-old’s mother, Judy.  He jumps on everything.”  Barton, the mother of two young sons, is now confined to a hospital bed, recuperating from a spinal fracture suffered as a result of Timothy’s high-spiritedness.  “He’s very energetic.”

Judy was practicing yoga when Timothy, just up from an afternoon nap, dashed from his bedroom to the kitchen for a snack.  “I was on the living room floor and he ran right over my butt, and I heard a ‘pop.’  I knew something was wrong.  I crawled to the phone and called 911.”

While Timothy was enjoying his snack, unaware that he had seriously injured his mother, EMT crews worked to stabilize Judy, who complained of dizziness and numbness in her legs and feet.

“She was going into shock,” said Midge Wood, emergency responder first to arrive on the scene.  “I kept telling her to breathe. I kept telling her to stay alert. She did pretty well, considering.”

Fortunately for Judy, doctors say her back injury will not result in permanent damage.

“She got lucky,” said Dr. Heather Hammond, of the Salina Regional Health Center.  “We took a series of x-rays, and did an MRI scan which revealed no permanent damage.  She dislocated the LI vertebra in her lower back.  There may be some temporary nerve damage and she’s going to need rest, and then physical therapy, but we’re confident she’ll be back on her feet very soon.”

Barton’s architect husband, Scott, rushed to his wife’s bedside upon hearing the news.  “Judy called me and told me she was at the hospital and immediately I thought Timmy or our other son Tucker had hurt himself or banged his head or something.  I didn’t expect this.  He’s at that age you know, where he bangs into everything, he jumps off the bed pretending to be Superman, knocks things over – you know how kids are.”

“Mommy’s going to be in the hospital,” said Timothy.  “Daddy’s going to stay home to take care of me and Tucker so Mommy can get better again and come home later.  I got sad when she had to go to the hospital.”

“It’s just one of those things,” said Judy, as Timothy and brother Tucker jumped on the empty bed on the opposite side of the room.  I’m pretty tough and I’ll bounce back from this like everything else,” she added.  “Timmy-boy feels pretty bad, but I told him Mommy’s going to be all right, it was just an accident.  The staff here has been super.  They brought Timmy some pizza and gave the boys some hospital gowns and masks to wear, so we’ll be all right.”



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