Show’s Writers No Longer Sure Why ‘Family Guy’ Still Exists

Show's Writers No Longer Sure Why 'Family Guy' Still Exists

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Writers for the popular animated sitcom, Family Guy, have admitted that they have no idea why the series still exists. The show is currently in its 13th season, and does not look like it will be slowing down soon. The premise consists of a family of five and their talking dog Brian, experiencing mishaps while non-sequitur flashbacks tell one or two line jokes.

“I don’t know what we were ever doing, let alone what we’re doing now,” said Mike Henry. “Yeah, it’s funny at times, but is it telling a story? No. Is it making political points? Most of the time not. Do people actually like it? I don’t know – maybe the viewers have some morbid curiosity as to where the show might go next.”

And it’s exactly that question – where might the show go next – that fellow writer Alex Borstein answered.

“We never know what we’re going to write before we write it,” she told reporters. “So we have no idea where the show is going next. That’s why it’s such a mystery that it still exists. It has no purpose, no goal, no meaning… well I guess that sums up [Family Guy creator] Seth [Mcfarlane] too… Huh.”

Mcfarlane defended his creation, saying that all the fun is in Family Guy’s total unpredictability.

“How’s Peter going to embarrass his family next time? When is Brian going to die and come back to life again? Will Stewie ever kill Lois? Does that sub-plot even exist anymore? No one knows, least of all me.”

Most of the writers did concede, however, that its existence was not nearly as bewildering as that of another Mcfarlane series, American Dad.

“It’s basically a cheap rip-off of Family Guy,” said a writer for the unsubtle, ill-considered satire of American patriotism. “And we’re on the 10th season. Why did this show ever exist?”

Ex-writers for Macfarlane’s now-cancelled series The Cleveland Show say that they are glad their show has ended. “If no one can understand how Family Guy has made it this far, then there’s no way we should have ever been on the air in the first place with Cleveland,” said an anonymous former writer. “Thank God that show is over. Now I can go back to writing for real TV shows, like COPS.”

MacFarlane, FOX Announce ‘Family Guy’ Series Ending After Next Season

LOS ANGELES, California – McFarlane, FOX Announce 'Family Guy' Series To End After Next Season

One of the most popular animated shows in the history of television will be coming to end this fall. The show Family Guy, created by Seth MacFarlane, brought FOX’s rating to a new level, bringing in millions of viewers season after season for the last 15 years.

On top of being one of the most popular shows on television for several years, the show had a lot of ‘jewelry’ to show for their popularity; The series was nominated 13 times for an Emmy Award, winning 4. The acclaim kept most people assuming the show would air for several more years.

The decision does not come at the hands of FOX executives, but from creator MacFarlane, who says that the show has become ‘stagnated,’ and that it’s time he focus on his other cartoons American Dad and The Cleveland Show, as well his now-budding movie career.

“I’ve taken Family Guy exactly where it needed to go,” says MacFarlane. “The characters have traveled the world, had their follies. We’ve done musical numbers and covered all the topics I wanted to. With the crossover episode with The Simpsons airing in September, it will be the crown-jewel of the series, and I don’t want to drag it out any further.”

Roger Ailes the CEO of FOX News Channel commented on the matter.

“Seth created a great show, but we understand that he’s gone on to do bigger things. Not necessarily better things, but bigger things,” said Ailes. “The film Ted was a great success for him, and it’s afforded him the opportunity to make a sequel. His film A Million Ways To Die in the West was also a big money maker. It was fairly unwatchable in my opinion, but good for him for making the jump to live-action acting. [Seth] is making Hollywood money now. TV money won’t keep cutting it.”

Ailes said that he wishes that the network and MacFarlane could have come to an agreement on a contract renewal, but that several other shows are currently in the development process, with at least one hoped to be able to fill the vacant spot left by Family Guy on FOX’s ‘Animation Domination’ Sunday night block of programming.

“The show came out with a bang and pushed the envelope, and we were stupid and canceled it once already. The fans convinced us to bring it back, and Seth kept it going for years. If you ask me, though, the show has gotten a littler more dry over the years. I use to sit and watch and laugh like crazy but now when I watch it I feel a bit dumber, and I think the ratings have suffered a little, too.”

Several members of the cast were made aware of the show’s end several months ago, with all choosing to stay until the end of the series. Most, including Seth Green, voice of Chris Griffin, and Mila Kunis, voice of Meg Griffin, have already had long careers in Hollywood, and say they are not worried about where to go when the show ends.

“I’ve still got my show Robot Chicken that I created for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim lineup,” said Green. “There are also talks with Mike [Meyers] about another Austin Powers film, which I really think will happen, and I’m excited for that. Voicing Chris on Family Guy all these years has been a blast, but as they say, good things end.”

FOX has the show’s final season, its 13th, slated to begin in September.


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