‘The Simpsons’ Creator Says Show Is Nearing Expiration Date, Major Changes To Come

'The Simpsons' Creator Says Show Is Nearing Expiration Date, Major Changes To Come

HOLLYWOOD, California –

Virtually everyone in America has been exposed to The Simpsons at some point in their lives, whether young or old. It is no surprise, since the half-hour show has been broadcast for over 25 years. It is only common sense that any television series run for such an extensive length of time will ultimately run out of ideas, which is quickly becoming reality for the show.

Matt Groening, creator of the dysfunctional family, agrees that the episodes are degrading as time goes on. “What I’m beginning to be concerned with is the fact that the quality of our episodes are suffering,” Groening said. “I honestly think Season 30 will be the last for the Simpson family, if I can even make the series last that long. The episode ideas are becoming harder to write by now. I mean hell, do you think we would have ever done a Family Guy crossover episode 10 or 15 years ago? Get real.”

Series executive producer Al Jean weighed in with his opinion. “I don’t really want the show to end, but if Matt thinks Season 30 will be a good stopping point, then I’m with him on his decision. Our ratings on the show have decreased from an average of nearly 28 million viewers in Season 1, to a meager average of 5 million viewers in Season 25. I’d like to go out with relatively good ratings rather than be the executive producer for a repetitive piece of crap,” Jean said.

For the final few years, Groening does have some ideas. “For the remainder of time the show has, I would like to provide a change in wardrobe to see how people react. I know the change won’t be widely accepted, but honestly it’s time for them to change their clothes,” Groening said. “I would also like to have the Simpson kids age, if only by one year. It would be interesting to have them experience things that come with growing older than 8 and 10. We can get new actors to voice older characters, too. Really shake things up”

Lifelong Simpsons fan Roger Allison posted his thoughts on Facebook. “The Simpsons have gone from a small production 25 years ago, to a worldwide phenomenon. If the series ends, I don’t want to see what will happen. People will riot and things can get ugly really easily,” Allison’s post read. Later on in his rant, he remarked, “I swear, if they change the wardrobe that has been consistent except for a few rare occasions, I will absolutely go crazy. Homer’s white shirt and blue pants are a symbol of a lazy American slob, and should stay that way. I didn’t get that image tattooed on my arm for them to go and change it now.”

Disney Announces New Animated Film With First Lesbian Princess

HOLLYWOOD, California – Disney Announces New Animated Film With First Lesbian Princess

Disney announced yesterday a new film that many are calling a ‘breakthrough’ in the world of animation. The studio, known for their many stories of girls who are seeking their Prince Charming, have said that they are creating a new fairy-tale about a young girl who, this time, is seeking her Princess Charming.

“We have tried to branch out over the years, when it comes to our female characters,” said Disney executive Ellen Etheridge. “We have come a long way from Sleeping Beauty, and have tried to introduce strong female characters that young children can look up to. We introduced an African-American Princess a few years back, and we are looking to break new ground once more.”

Etheridge says that the new film, which is currently being written by Disney scribe Pete Docter (Toy Story, Up), centers on a young girl named Jude, who is struggling with the fact that she’s not like the other girls in her school, who are only interested in boys, shopping, and ‘getting pretty.’

“Jude is an orphan, and has very few people in her life that care for her. She is confused, as a lot of young, gay boys and girls can be,” said Etheridge. “When she is magically transported to a dream world, she meets and falls in love with another young girl, Brandie. The story revolves around Jude’s adventure in her real-world, trying to make it back to Brandie in the dream-world.”

“I want it to be something that all children can enjoy, not just gay children,” said Docter. “This is the first time that Disney has ever tried to make film like this, so it has to be just spectacular. The story is coming along well, and I think that everyone will be extremely happy with the film. It’s not stepping lightly on the aspect of homosexuality, it’s going to break down the walls. ”

Despite Docter’s extreme optimism, many parents groups are outraged by the idea that their children will be begging them to see a movie based around gay characters.

“I have no intention of letting my child see that filth,” said Mary Lambert, mother of Kathy, aged 7. “I know that she is going to want to see it, and then she’ll be singing the damn songs all day, which will probably all be about sodomy, or dildos, or other homo stuff. The she’ll want to go out as the character on Halloween. Then she’ll want toys and bed sheets and t-shirts and the DVD of the movie. Then she’ll start being interested in girls, and before I know it, she’ll be coming out to me while I cry my eyes out that I’ll never have a grandchild. This movie will be the death of Disney, I’ll see to it!”

Disney plans on releasing the as-yet-untitled film in the winter of 2016.

A possible look for Jude, in the new Disney film about a young lesbian orphan.
A possible look for Jude, in the new Disney film about a young lesbian orphan.









MacFarlane, FOX Announce ‘Family Guy’ Series Ending After Next Season

LOS ANGELES, California – McFarlane, FOX Announce 'Family Guy' Series To End After Next Season

One of the most popular animated shows in the history of television will be coming to end this fall. The show Family Guy, created by Seth MacFarlane, brought FOX’s rating to a new level, bringing in millions of viewers season after season for the last 15 years.

On top of being one of the most popular shows on television for several years, the show had a lot of ‘jewelry’ to show for their popularity; The series was nominated 13 times for an Emmy Award, winning 4. The acclaim kept most people assuming the show would air for several more years.

The decision does not come at the hands of FOX executives, but from creator MacFarlane, who says that the show has become ‘stagnated,’ and that it’s time he focus on his other cartoons American Dad and The Cleveland Show, as well his now-budding movie career.

“I’ve taken Family Guy exactly where it needed to go,” says MacFarlane. “The characters have traveled the world, had their follies. We’ve done musical numbers and covered all the topics I wanted to. With the crossover episode with The Simpsons airing in September, it will be the crown-jewel of the series, and I don’t want to drag it out any further.”

Roger Ailes the CEO of FOX News Channel commented on the matter.

“Seth created a great show, but we understand that he’s gone on to do bigger things. Not necessarily better things, but bigger things,” said Ailes. “The film Ted was a great success for him, and it’s afforded him the opportunity to make a sequel. His film A Million Ways To Die in the West was also a big money maker. It was fairly unwatchable in my opinion, but good for him for making the jump to live-action acting. [Seth] is making Hollywood money now. TV money won’t keep cutting it.”

Ailes said that he wishes that the network and MacFarlane could have come to an agreement on a contract renewal, but that several other shows are currently in the development process, with at least one hoped to be able to fill the vacant spot left by Family Guy on FOX’s ‘Animation Domination’ Sunday night block of programming.

“The show came out with a bang and pushed the envelope, and we were stupid and canceled it once already. The fans convinced us to bring it back, and Seth kept it going for years. If you ask me, though, the show has gotten a littler more dry over the years. I use to sit and watch and laugh like crazy but now when I watch it I feel a bit dumber, and I think the ratings have suffered a little, too.”

Several members of the cast were made aware of the show’s end several months ago, with all choosing to stay until the end of the series. Most, including Seth Green, voice of Chris Griffin, and Mila Kunis, voice of Meg Griffin, have already had long careers in Hollywood, and say they are not worried about where to go when the show ends.

“I’ve still got my show Robot Chicken that I created for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim lineup,” said Green. “There are also talks with Mike [Meyers] about another Austin Powers film, which I really think will happen, and I’m excited for that. Voicing Chris on Family Guy all these years has been a blast, but as they say, good things end.”

FOX has the show’s final season, its 13th, slated to begin in September.


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