Ryan Reynolds Says He Won’t Return For Deadpool Sequel

Ryan Reynolds Hit By Car While Filming 'Deadpool,' Destroys Car With Bare Hands

LOS ANGELES, California –

Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool, in the way the Robert Downey Jr. perfectly encompasses the role of Tony Stark in Iron Man. With the new Deadpool movie bringing in a record-breaking quarter of a billion dollars in its worldwide opening weekend, Fox was keen on quickly green-lighting a sequel, but sadly, there is one person who won’t be returning.

Ryan Reynolds says that he will not be singing on for a second Deadpool film, after realizing that the part was going to put way too much pressure on his everyday life.

“I’ve been an actor for years, and I’ve always had a good time with it,” said Reynolds. “Problem is, not that I’ve played a character in a movie people have actually seen, I haven’t had a moment to rest, and it’s frustrating.”

Reynolds had been personally trying to get a Deadpool film made for years, and it took over a decade for Fox to agree to not only make the film, but make it geared towards adults, letting it receive the MPAA’s R-rating. Reynolds says that he’s glad the movie is doing so well, but he can’t be part of another one.

“Someone else can easily take over, because most of the film I’m in a suit, and when I’m not, my face is covered in burn makeup,” said Reynolds. “I really want to go back to just being an actor that people sort of recognize, but pass by on the street without having to stop and take a selfie with.”

Movie Theatre Collapses During Midnight Showing of ‘Rocky Horror’

SANFORD, Michigan – 

Tragedy befell over 150 people as an entire movie theatre auditorium collapsed during a midnight show of the popular cult flick The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The movie, which is the longest running theatrically released film in movie history, is played year-round throughout the country, usually at midnight shows. Halloween-time is especially popular for the film to be shown.

“It’s so sad, so unbelievably sad. I barely made it out alive, and most people did not,” said theatre manager Joe Goldsmith. “The film was barely getting started. We were only at the Time Warp scene. Unfortunately, that’s where a lot of the major audience participation begins.”

Moviegoers of the film are often dressed in costume as their favorite character, and the movie is an interactive experience. Line call-backs, throwing items around the auditorium, and dancing are not uncommon.

“It was just when they started doing the jumps to the left, and the steps to the right,” said Goldsmith. “On the first jump, the building shook a little. I noticed it, but I thought it was just the bass from the sound system. By the third jump to the left, though, the ceiling was crumbling. That final step to the right brought the whole place down.”

Goldsmith said that theatre was almost 120 years old, and the combination of the thumping sound system and the enthusaiastic movie-goers was too much.

“The whole entire theatre collapsed. Over 150 were trapped inside. It was horrible. There was rice and toast, and rolls of toilet paper scattered all over the debris,” said rescue worker Bill Silver. “It was a real mental mindfuck. But I can honestly say, it wasn’t nice.”


‘The Simpsons’ Creator Says Show Is Nearing Expiration Date, Major Changes To Come

'The Simpsons' Creator Says Show Is Nearing Expiration Date, Major Changes To Come

HOLLYWOOD, California –

Virtually everyone in America has been exposed to The Simpsons at some point in their lives, whether young or old. It is no surprise, since the half-hour show has been broadcast for over 25 years. It is only common sense that any television series run for such an extensive length of time will ultimately run out of ideas, which is quickly becoming reality for the show.

Matt Groening, creator of the dysfunctional family, agrees that the episodes are degrading as time goes on. “What I’m beginning to be concerned with is the fact that the quality of our episodes are suffering,” Groening said. “I honestly think Season 30 will be the last for the Simpson family, if I can even make the series last that long. The episode ideas are becoming harder to write by now. I mean hell, do you think we would have ever done a Family Guy crossover episode 10 or 15 years ago? Get real.”

Series executive producer Al Jean weighed in with his opinion. “I don’t really want the show to end, but if Matt thinks Season 30 will be a good stopping point, then I’m with him on his decision. Our ratings on the show have decreased from an average of nearly 28 million viewers in Season 1, to a meager average of 5 million viewers in Season 25. I’d like to go out with relatively good ratings rather than be the executive producer for a repetitive piece of crap,” Jean said.

For the final few years, Groening does have some ideas. “For the remainder of time the show has, I would like to provide a change in wardrobe to see how people react. I know the change won’t be widely accepted, but honestly it’s time for them to change their clothes,” Groening said. “I would also like to have the Simpson kids age, if only by one year. It would be interesting to have them experience things that come with growing older than 8 and 10. We can get new actors to voice older characters, too. Really shake things up”

Lifelong Simpsons fan Roger Allison posted his thoughts on Facebook. “The Simpsons have gone from a small production 25 years ago, to a worldwide phenomenon. If the series ends, I don’t want to see what will happen. People will riot and things can get ugly really easily,” Allison’s post read. Later on in his rant, he remarked, “I swear, if they change the wardrobe that has been consistent except for a few rare occasions, I will absolutely go crazy. Homer’s white shirt and blue pants are a symbol of a lazy American slob, and should stay that way. I didn’t get that image tattooed on my arm for them to go and change it now.”

FOX Broadcasting Company To Launch New Free Adult TV Channel ‘FXXX’

LOS ANGELES, California – fox broadcasting launches new adult network FXXX - empire news

Fox Broadcasting Company, the driving force behind over-air network FOX, and cable channels FOX HD, FX, and FXX, have announced the first adult TV channel to be broadcast free both as part of a regular cable subscription or streamed online. The new channel, FXXX, will feature hardcore pornographic adult films, as well as short movies and even amateur user-submitted content.

Normally, adult films are broadcast through cable or satellite providers solely as subscription channels, such as the Playboy or Hustler channel, or as on-demand features. FXXX plans to be the first channel to be included, at no extra cost, with every cable content provider in the United States.

“All of the FOX networks, whether they be over-air or pay-cable channels, have always pushed the envelope when it comes to content,” said Dana Walden, Co-Chairman of Fox Broadcasting. “With the launch of FXXX, we can’t push the envelope much further. If FX’s slogan was ‘There Is No Box,’ then FXXX’s slogan is ‘There Are Tons Of Boxes.’ This is going to be hardcore, in-your-face pornography. It will be what the Hustler channel wishes it could be, and it will make the Playboy Channel look like PBS.”

Walden went on to say that the network will also feature online streaming at no additional cost, and that funding for the channel – which will premiere ad-free – will be paid for by specific product placements throughout the films.

“Maybe Harry Longdick wears a Trojan brand condom in one scene, and maybe Tiffani Juggs gets thirsty and reaches for an ice-cold Pepsi in another,” said Walden. “There are plenty of opportunities for product placement in the adult film industry. Hell, we might even be able to get more creative with that Pepsi bottle, now that I’m thinking about it.”

Despite what most people think, there is nothing stopping any channel from showing any content they wish on their cable channels. The FCC, the agency in charge of “policing” the airwaves, does not actually monitor cable or pay channels.

“In fact, we don’t even really monitor over-air channels,” said a representative of the FCC who spoke to us anonymously. “Basically, if someone calls in and complains about something they saw on TV, then we assume that there are at least 1,000 other people who didn’t take the time to call. So if we get, say, 100 calls that Janet Jackson’s breast popped out at the Super Bowl, well then that must be 100,000 people who were offended! That’s how things work at the FCC.”

The FCC doesn’t at all monitor cable channels, but seldom do viewers see any excessive violence, language, or sex aired prior to 10PM.

“The networks like to police themselves. We can show whatever the hell we want, but we don’t want to alienate people,” said Walden. “FXXX will throw that entire concept right out the window, because we’re going to be showing people banging it out all day, every day. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to watch. If your kids watch it, well – they had to learn about reverse cowgirls and rusty trombones someday, right?”

FXXX will launch on all major providers, including Comcast, DirecTV, Dish Network, and Time Warner Cable starting in October.


Creationists Bash Science-Based “Cosmos” TV Show, Demand Equal Airtime

LOS ANGELES, California – Creationists-Boycott-Cosmos-TV-Show-deGrasse-Tyson-television-FOX

Just this year, Neil deGrasse Tyson rebooted the late Carl Sagan’s TV show Cosmos for the FOX Network, and although the season is several episodes in, it is causing a controversy amongst a large number of religious zealots.

Creation scientists, a small facet of  religious people who curiously believe that the universe and all it’s inhabitants were created by divine intervention, have a bone to pick with the show due in large part to the fact that science debunks almost all of their theories. Because Cosmos directly clashes with their ideology, they’ve started picketing the FOX Network for equal airtime, as well as boycotting deGrasse Tyson’s work.

Fox has responded to their demands, saying that they aren’t interested.

“We have no plans to create any sort of alternate, psuedo-scientific based version of Cosmos.” Said Kevin Reilly, Chairman of entertainment for Fox Networks. “I believe the only way that would even appeal to most people is if we filmed it in front of a live studio audience and added in a laugh track.”

Enraged with FOX’s reaction, the Creationists have asked that the network at least discuss the possibilities of God being the all-mighty creator of the Earth and mankind itself in at least one segment of every episode of Cosmos. 

“We just want the world to know that God is the real creator and one who has evolved all of this world.” Said Melanie Pinkerton, a creation scientist with the Real Origins Group in Los Angeles, California. “Six thousand years ago, He said ‘Let There Be Light,’ and there was. Now we are asking the TV world to ‘Let There Be Light.’  We just think it’s right that we get our equal time.”

Despite the demands and complaints, the ratings for Cosmos are still holding strong. The Creationists themselves aren’t helping when it comes to getting the show taken off the air, either – Most of them have said they watch the program every week just so they can curse at their televisions and shout passages from the bible at deGrasse Tyson.

Although there are no plans for FOX to draft any episodes of the Creationist version of the Cosmos series, which the group has decided would be called Genesis, they have decided that Ken Hamm, who founded the Creationist Museum, would be the natural choice to host it. Perhaps wisely, no networks have taken an interest in adding the show to their lineup.

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