High School Football Player Cut From The Team After Refusing To Shower With The Coach

High School Football Player Cut From The Team After Refusing To Shower With The Coach

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin

Joe Palemro is in an outrage after he was recently cut from his high school football team. The cut was not due to his grades or playing skills, but rather for something he didn’t feel he had to do. Palemro was an outstanding wide receiver for his school and reportedly had a lot of potential, being the first 14-year-old freshman to ever start on the varsity team.

Unfortunately, his playing days may be behind him, unless he transfers schools. Palemro was cut out of the blue after he refused to take a shower with his coach after practice. He claims that his coach told him that he needed to shower after each practice, but Palemro felt uncomfortable that his coach took showers with the players, and says he would normally wait until he got home to freshen up.

“It was weird, and it always was, and finally I got sick of doing it. I understand that in this sport you need to shower with your teammates, because it builds solidarity and all that, and that’s fine I guess, but we shouldn’t have to do this with our coach. He made the showers after practice mandatory as if it was a part of practice or something,” said Palemro.

The school and coach have not commented on the matter, and have side-stepped the accusations completely. The only comment we got from the school was that they were behind their football coach 100%, and what ever he says goes when it comes to running his team.

“We’d sooner let a young, great player get cut from the team than we would question the tactics of Coach Goldsmith,” said school superintendent Richard Head. “He’s brought this school 11 state championships in 15 years, so he’s kind of a God around here. If showering with the boys is what he does, then showering with the boys is what we’ll let him do.”

Washington Redskins Announce They Will Change Team Logo To Potato

ASHBURN, Virginia – Washington Redskins Announce They Will Change Team Logo To Potato

An announcement has been made on behalf of NFL team The Washington Redskins that they will be changing their team logo to a redskin potato.  A spokesperson on behalf of the team say fans can expect the change to be in effect in time for the 2015 season.

When asked what prompted the change in logo, the spokesperson responded by saying “We are sick of dealing with the controversy around our name, and feel that it’s time to do something about it. We haven’t made it to the Super Bowl in 22 years because we are so worried about our name and logo that we can’t even begin to focus on practicing and getting better as an organization.”

The logo change should not be a surprise to any team fans, as it has been causing controversy for as long as anyone can remember.  The Redskins spokesperson said “If we’re all being honest here, nobody within the organization cares about the name or logo of the team, we just inherited it. We don’t draft Native Americans to play on the team, hell I don’t even think we allow them to try out.”

When asked why the team decided to change the logo vs actually changing the name of the team, the spokesperson responded with “It’s simple, really. Price has everything to do with it – a logo change is far less expensive than a complete overhaul of the name. We lost the trademark, but we think that with a change like this, we can get that decision changes, and get back to what’s really important here – making money off of our franchise.”

The spokesperson concluded this morning’s press release by saying “We’re proud to make this change, and we feel that it’s progressive and we’re excited to once and for all shed this insensitive logo.”

In a surprising twist, it was discovered during the unveil of the new logo that the teams new redskin potato mascot appears to be wearing a tiny Indian headdress.

Many people are objecting to the team’s new logo and say that new logo is far more offensive than the previous logo.

One fan has said “I had no issue with the original logo, but now it feels like they are being sneaky. It’s as if they think we are dumb and they are trying to pull one over on us. Next we know, they’ll probably sell us Redskins jerseys with smallpox on them, or something. Sneaky, sneaky.”

The team spokesman says they are excited to star playing under a ‘new banner,’ and that they hope fans will accept the change.

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