Vice President Joe Biden Spotted Wandering Drunk Through D.C. Suburbs

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Vice President Joe Biden Spotted Wandering Drunk Through D.C. Suburbs

Vice President Joe Biden was spotted visibly drunk in several places over the weekend, with several people even getting pictures or videos of his antics, posting them to Instagram and Facebook. One such image even shows Biden urinating on a McDonalds’ storefront in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Mychal Lewis, Assistant Manager of the McDonalds, explains that the VP was acting belligerent before leaving and eventually disgracing the restaurant.

“He demanded a Whopper. He was slurring his words pretty heavy and kept saying something like ‘I’m the goddamn Vice President.'” said Lewis. “I tried telling him he was in the wrong place and there’s a Burger King just a couple blocks down, but he wouldn’t listen. Finally he left and I turned to go back to the kitchen. I hear a knock at the window and there he is again, this time with his pants around his ankles, pissing on the wall outside. He was staring at me and smiling the whole time. It was terrible.”

Later that same evening, Biden was videotaped in Bethesda attempting to start a fight with a homeless man. In the video, Biden can be heard declaring himself the “Secretary of Kickin’ Ass” before slapping the vagrant in the back of the head. The two exchange a series of awkward punches before Biden toppled over and the homeless man shuffled away.

The next morning in Arlington, Virginia, the owner of a house that is painted white was alarmed when Biden stumbled in through the back door. The home owner threatened to call the police, but the Vice President talked him out of it. They shared a pot of coffee and Biden left amicably. Apparently, Biden thought he was entering the White House.

“It wasn’t just that it was white. The columns threw him off,” said the home owner, who wished to remain anonymous because he is a ‘die-hard republican.’

The Vice President frequently referred to himself in the third person as “Ol’ Joe” when discussing his drunken adventure.

“Yeah, Ol’ Joe got a little frisky last night. Does that make me a bad person? Can’t a guy have some fun? So I got a little carried away. We were all having fun. It ain’t easy being Ol’ Joe. Barry’s always trying to put me in a box. Please don’t say this, please don’t do that. Well, sometimes Ol’ Joe just got to be Ol’ Joe.”

Political analysts believe that rather than try to prevent future gaffes from Biden, the current administration will instead encourage more raucous behavior from the VP in an attempt to distract from the VA scandal, a perceived-to-be tepid foreign policy, and any future controversy.

Local Teenager Grows Poor Excuse For A Mustache, Thinks He’s Ron Swanson

SHREVEPORT, Louisiana –  teenager grows mustache thinks hes ron swanson

Local 16-year-old Trevor McKenzie has recently realized he can grow the slightest bit of facial hair on his upper lip, and so he has not shaved in two months. Despite looking utterly ridiculous, McKenzie apparently thinks he’s Godd— Ron Swanson or something.

It is not known if McKenzie was inspired by the hilariously-manly Ron Swanson, played by Nick Offerman on the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. It’s just as possible that McKenzie may have seen too many reruns of Magnum P.I. featuring Tom Selleck, or maybe in history class he was influenced by black-and-white photographs of the mustachioed presidents of old, such as Theodore Roosevelt or William Howard Taft. What is known is that McKenzie’s “mustache” is terribly thin and horribly prepubescent, and should be shaved off immediately to show respect to the aforementioned all-time great lip ticklers.

McKenzie seems completely unaware that rather than impressing friends or attracting girls, which seems to be his intention, his “mustache” serves only as a subject of ridicule. When confronted with this teasing, McKenzie dismisses the unpopularity of his ‘stache as thinly-veiled jealousy. Sadly, the reality is that most high school students, despite being ignorant in most aspects of life, have enough sense to not grow a mustache if they can’t do so properly. Deep down, McKenzie must surely be aware that his poor excuse of a mustache is an embarrassment to him and his family.

We all know that history is doomed to repeat itself. We can extrapolate from previous trends that McKenzie will shave off his near-translucent mustache in a few weeks and regret that it ever took residence on his face, only to grow a half-ass goatee in his freshman year of college.

George Zimmerman Announces Candidacy for Florida Governorship

TALLAHASSEE, Florida – empire-news-george-zimmerman-announces-candidacy-for-florida-governer

The 2014 race for Florida’s governorship was already predicted by political analysts to be one of the closest and most exciting of this year’s midterms. Incumbent Republican Rick Scott is one of the least popular governors in the country, and his challenger, former Republican governor turned Democrat Charlie Crist, will have to fight his image as a “flip-flopper” to win the race.

An unlikely candidate has now entered the fray: in a Monday, July 7th press conference in Orlando, Florida, George Zimmerman announced he will be running for governor of the Sunshine State.

Zimmerman gained national attention 2 years ago for his fatal shooting of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin. Following the shooting, he was detained and questioned for 5 hours and then released uncharged. News of the incident spread and after 6 weeks of protest, Zimmerman was finally charged with manslaughter and second-degree murder by special prosecutor Angela Corey, who was appointed by Rick Scott to the case. On July 13, 2013, Zimmerman was acquitted on grounds of self-defense.

In his press conference, Zimmerman teased his opponent Rick Scott about their shared history:

“I bet [Governor Scott] is wishing Corey had got that conviction, because now I’m coming for his job. People are tired of the business interests that Scott represents, and they’re tired of the politics-as-usual that Crist represents. The great people of Florida want, and they deserve, refreshing new leadership. That’s what I bring to the table.”

Zimmerman will run as an Independent. He didn’t reveal much of his policy platform at Monday’s press conference, but he did assure voters that, if elected, he would do all he could to protect their 2nd amendment rights.

“Nothing is more important to me than the people of Florida being able to carry guns, shoot guns, and protect themselves in case of serious possibly harm.” Said Zimmerman in the press conference.

The effect of Zimmerman’s political ambition has been much like the fallout from the Treyvon Martin case, igniting racial and ideological tensions. Reactions in social media have been volatile to say the least.

In November, voters will decide if Zimmerman is the man they want for governor. For now, Zimmerman will make his case at a series of scheduled rallies being held in Orlando, Jacksonville, and Pensacola.

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