Kids Who Color On Themselves Grow Up To Be Geniuses


LOS ANGELES, California – 

Researchers at the prestigious Children’s Institute of America recently completed a 20 year study on the effects of children who color on themselves with Crayola markers, and the study proves conclusively that those children grow up to have extremely high IQs.

“We followed 2,000 children for the last 20 years, and of those 2,000 case studies, half of them were allowed to color on themselves using markers, while the other half were not,” explained Dr. Richard Kimball. “What we found was that the 1000 kids who were able to let their creativity flow by drawing on themselves, a significant portion of them grew up to be extremely smart, some of them tipping past genius levels.”

Dr. Kimball says that 978 of the children who were allowed to Crayloa their own faces consistently had IQs in the genius level, where as all 1000 of the non-colorers had normal, average IQs, or below in adulthood.

“This study proves conclusively why you should allow your children to be creative, and do whatever they’d like. If they want to color themselves blue, why, go out and get them some markers,” said Dr. Kimball. “Down the road you’ll be glad you did.”

Psychiatrist Prescribes Video Games To Fight Depression

video games

DELUTH, Minnesota – 

Dr. Frank Stephenson has started prescribing video games such as The Sims and World of Warcraft to his patients. He claims it treats depression better than any drug currently on the market.

“Too many of my patients life seems so pointless. Get up. Go to work. Fall deeper in debt. Never really achieve your dreams. Soon you’re in your fifties and your wife that left you is remarried and much happier now.

“The big breakthrough came for me when I gave up on trying to help people change their lives for the better. People never change. What I can do is help people escape from their droll lives. We can’t give out the good meds because those are too addictive, and face it – anti-depressants don’t give you a good buzz, so they’re basically worthless. Video games though – they can transport you to another world.”

Dr. Stephenson says video game therapy can work for all types of depression including seasonal, major, chronic, existential, and post-partum. “I’ve even had some luck with prescribing VGT to bipolar patients. Of course sometimes they’ll play for days straight during their manic phases and give up before beating the game once their depressive phase hits. Lithium usually helps with that.”

Although there are no clinical studies to back up his work, Dr. Stephenson says anyone who tries it will see. Dr. Stephenson also cautions that video game therapy should be used in moderation, and only as a temporary substitute for real life.

Woman Arrested After Spanking Her 28-Year-Old Daughter Over Her Parenting Techniques


ATLANTA, Georgia –

Karen Stillwell, 52, was arrested after spanking her 28-year-old daughter, Renee Stillwell who allergy spanked her two year old unjustly. Karen Stillwell told local news, “She spanked that precious little baby, so I gave her a little slap on the behind to show her how it feels.”

Renee had a neighbor photograph pictures of the handprint on her behind and then called the police. “It wasn’t a little spanking. She tackled me to the ground and whacked me repeatedly,” said Renee Stillwell. “I’m not going to take that kind of abuse, especially not from my psycho mother. She hit me enough growing up. The only person who gets to hit me like that is my husband, but really, only if he’s a good boy and I don’t have a headache.”

When asked if she spanked her daughter as a child, Stillwell said she did, but only with good reason. “She was a willful little brat, always trying to get into my candy stash and her dad’s potato sticks. She deserved it. My grandson, that sweet little angel didn’t deserve it. He was just being mouthy, calling his mother a ‘fucking bitch,’ which, sad to say about my own daughter, is entirely true. It’s easy to see it’s a completely different situation.”

Snapchat Adds New Feature For Adults Users To Send Nudes, Will Block Underage Sexting

Snapchat Adds New Feature For Adults Users To Send Nudes, Will Block Underage Sexting

SILICON VALLEY, California – 

Snapchat, one of the most popular apps for Android and iPhone devices allows you to send a picture or text to someone who has up to 10 seconds to view it, before it is immediately deleted. The service, which was clearly designed for its users to send nudes back and forth, has fought through scandal in the past, as a hack found that the company was storing images on its servers. Many pictures were stolen and leaked to the internet, some of them quite risqué.

After several recent updates that added new options and emojis, Snapchat is set to launch another new feature – a separate section for ‘adults only,’ verified through a snap you send holding your ID next to your face, which will allow its users to send nude photos back and forth, and also be ‘tipped’ via coins which can be transitioned to real money, much like pornographic webcam services.

“This plan is fool proof,” said Snapchat spokesman Sam Clip. “With our new system, kids will no longer be able to send nudes. We are going to actually implement a software that will not allow someone to send a naked image if they have not sent us a snap of them proving their age. If they are under 18, the snap will automatically fail if they try and send it and any penises, breasts, or vaginas are visible. The software is so good, it will even block out a picture taken of another picture of nudity, whether it be in porn or of art.”

Young Snapchat users say that they are very disappointed that the service will no longer be allowing them to send nudes to their friends.

“I sent pics of my tits to like, every boy in my class,” said sophomore Meghan from Georgia. “I want them all to see how great I look naked. The more boys that see me naked, the more I’ll be popular in school. All my friends do it. Well, at least we did until this new update was announced. How are we going to get to be popular now? I guess I’ll just show them in person instead.”

Most parents say that they are happy that Snapchat is taking measures to protect the safety of their children.

“I bought my 12-year-old son a phone, and I expect the app companies to make sure he uses it properly,” said Marie Jacobs of Arizona. “If my Freddy is sending out…dick pics…then Snapchat should stop him. I don’t want him to lose any chance at a life because pictures of his little wiener are out in the ether and on the web.”

Snapchat is expected to roll out the update by the end of April.

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