Premature Baby Dies After Parents Try To Put Her Back Inside Mom


GARDNER, Indiana – 

A young couple, Mark and Jessica Grover, both 24, were arrested after they called 911 to report that their baby had died. The couple had given birth at home only a few hours before, and accidentally killed their child after trying to insert her back inside Jessica’s vagina.

“This couple knew that their baby wasn’t due for another 6 weeks, and they panicked, thinking that something was wrong,” said police chief Mario Ruben. “Instead of calling for an ambulance, they tried to push the baby back up inside of the mother, causing severe brain and spinal damage to the baby. Unfortunately, it died before paramedics arrived.”

Chief Reuben says that both parents are being charged with negligent homicide, and that they are still in custody.

“I know that people are having children younger and younger these days, but these parents had been doing everything right – going to their appointments, mom was eating healthy, and the baby just came early, and they didn’t know what to do,” said chief Reuben. “It’s extremely sad that this happened, but a crime was committed none-the-less. Please, if you’re having a baby, do not try to put it back. It’s not a Thanksgiving turkey. They will come when they come, and that’s one oven you can’t put something back into.”

Daughter Forced To Get ‘Tramp-Stamp’ Tattoo of Dad’s Face; Sues for Removal Costs

RICHMOND, Virginia – Daughter Gets Tramp-Stamp Tattoo of Dad’s Face Sues for Removal Costs

Daddy’s little girl is now old enough to sue. 19-year-old Tiffany Kendell is suing her father, Jeff Kendell, for laser tattoo-removal costs plus $5,000 pain and suffering. Three years ago, Tiffany’s father convinced her to get a portrait of his face tattooed so he would always be with her.

“It’s on my lower back. At first, I thought, okay – I won’t have to look at it, but now I can’t wear a bikini without my dad like, staring at my friends. It really creeps guys out and my dating life is non-existent,” said Tiffany.

Jeff’s bitter ex-wife, Rebecca Kendell-Jackson, is paying for her daughter’s attorney and plans to drag Jeff through the mud.

“When I saw it I thought, ‘this is sick.’ People are going to think there’s something perverted going on,” said Kendell-Jackson.

According to Tiffany’s lawsuit, her father bribed her into getting the portrait of his face on her lower back in exchange for a pink 2009 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. At 16, she was too young to get a tattoo in their home state of Virginia without parental consent, so her father accompanied her. Because of this fact, the artist who did the tattoo is not being named in the lawsuit.

Tiffany’s lawyer, Tom Twain, says at age 16, “Ms. Kendell didn’t understand the implications of this tattoo. Forever is forever, and this isn’t a little butterfly we’re taking about. Mr. Kendell was abusive and negligent, and he should be responsible for fixing his parenting mistakes.”

“He not only bribed me with a car, he threatened to like, follow me and my friends around until I was thirty if I didn’t get it done,” said Tiffany. “Plus my car got totaled, so it’s not even fair. I don’t have that car anymore, but I still have this stupid tattoo. It’s humiliating, and I just want it off.”

Jeff Kendell argues that he was just trying to be a loving father and a good dad.

“I’m a good father. I just wanted to protect her. If she hadn’t crashed her car while texting, I bet there wouldn’t be an issue at all right now. What’s the big deal, anyway? I’d get a tattoo of my daughter ‘s beautiful face anywhere she wants. Fair is fair.”

When asked if he was concerned Tiffany would never be able to do it doggy-style with any of her future boyfriends, Jeff said ”The right kind of man won’t be turned off by a little tattoo, but hey – Wait, that’s my daughter you’re talking about!”

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