Hero Teen Runs Into Traffic To Save Sloth


CUENCA, Ecuador – 

Marlon Domingo, 16, did not think twice before risking his life to save a sloth that was trapped in the middle of the road. Drivers were going around the sloth, but Domingo knew it was only a matter of time before one was not paying attention.

The sloth seems to have started his journey across the road in the morning before traffic hit. Domingo encountered him in the middle of the morning rush and immediately dashed into traffic to save him. Because of an accident caused by Domingo, police came and blocked off the road, while the sloth was slowly edged to the other side of the road.

While the sloth is fine, a Brazilian couple was injured when they crashed their car into a guard rail. Even though the driver received treatment for whiplash and the passenger left with a broken nose, they say they are just happy the sloth is okay. “I got some cute pictures for Facebook with the sloth once my nose stopped bleeding, so it was all worth it,” commented Mrs. Velasco.

Chinese Road Crew Cook, Eat Dinosaur Eggs Unearthed During Construction

Chinese Road Crew Cook, Eat Dinosaur Eggs Unearthed During Construction

HEYUAN, China – 

A group of road workers in Heyuan, China unearthed a section of cement that had several fossilized dinosaur eggs in it yesterday, and reports indicate that they used the eggs as part of a giant feast and celebration they were having for completing the new section of road.

“We have been working on the road in Heyuan for many months, and we found the eggs on our last day working,” said crew supervisor Ho Lee. “We already had a large party planned for after work, with the entire crew meeting up for drinks and food. When we found the eggs, and there were 19 of them, we knew it was fate that we should eat them – as there were 19 of us working on the crew!”

Lee says that they photographed the eggs and gave several broken pieces to local researchers. The whole, unbroken eggs they took home to cook and eat.

“Mostly, they tasted like chicken when fried like a normal egg,” said Lee. “It was surprising how good they were after millions of years. We are not sure the breed of dinosaur that was inside, but if it was a T-Rex, I will be very happy!”

Heyuan has been called the “Land of the Dinosaurs,” after more than 17,000 fragments and fossils have been found in the area since 1996.

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