New, Rare Species of Flesh-Eating Shark-Bird Discovered in Costa Rica


COBANA, Costa Rica – 

A newly discovered, extremely rare species of shark and bird was discovered in Costa Rica late last week, after a nature photographer was able to capture the hybrid in pictures.

The new species, which scientists are dubbing a Shird, appeared in several photographs taken by the photographer, Joe Goldsmith, but so far has yet to be captured in the wild.

“We can tell by its teeth and face that it is, in fact, a bird that will eat meat – it’s definitely carnivorous,” said research scientist Joel Mitchell. “Judging from the photographs, we estimate the bird to be approximately the size of a large Vampire Bat, with a wingspan of about 3 feet.”

So far, Goldsmith has said that he has not been able to find another example of the bird in the wild, although he adamantly claims that he did not photoshop the image.

“No way, I don’t even know how to use a computer,” said Goldsmith. “That picture is as genuine as they come. I’m just glad that he didn’t swoop in and try to eat me or something!”

Brock Lesnar Shows Off New ‘Shark Lifting’ Workout Routine


TOPEKA, Kansas – 

WWE and UFC powerhouse Brock Lesnar is a force to be reckoned with. After dominating at both sports, the man has earned his reputation as an extreme athlete. What many don’t realize, though, is how Lesnar is able to maintain his incredible physique.

“Well, I started lifting animals years ago, back when I was still living on and maintaining my family’s farm,” said Lesnar in a recent interview. “Back then it was pigs, and I slowly worked my way up to cows. Once I left the farm, though, I found less options for animal lifting.”

Lesnar said it wasn’t until he bought his house in on the East Coast of Canada that he was able to start lifting a new kind of animal – sharks.

“The thin about pig-lifting or cow-lifting, is that those are fairly docile animals, considering, so although they’re heavy, I didn’t get the cardio aspect of it,” said Lesnar. “When I moved to the coast, I started swimming for, and catching live sharks. Then I carry them to shore, and do a few reps and squats. All that together, it really works.”

Lesnar says that although the workout routine has been extremely helpful in maintaining his “nearly perfect” athletic body, he doesn’t recommend it for everyone.

“If you have a fear of sharks, I’d say don’t do it,” said Lesnar. “Just stick to lifting smaller things, like dogs or rabbits.”

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