Doctors Create Literal ‘Cure For Love’


Doctors Create Literal 'Cure For Love'

BOSTON, Massachusetts –

A team of doctors and scientists at Boston University has discovered what they say is a literal ‘cure for love,’ which when injected, can actually stop all feelings of love that someone may have for someone or something else.

“We can actually get very specific with the way the medicine works, and target receptors that are only about one specific person,” said Dr. Gary Moore. “Basically, say you have a relationship that ends badly, and one party cannot get over their now ex-partner. With our drug, we can inject just one shot in the jugular vein, and their love for that person will immediately diminish.”

Researchers began work on this new drug, which many are hailing as a modern miracle, after lead scientist Fred London lost his dog of 18 years, Pookie. “Pookie died after a long illness, and I could not get over him,” said London. “I began looking for ways that I could remove that love, that loss, from my life. 3 years later, we have finally made it possible to leave that broken heart behind for good.”

Testing has only recently begun with human subjects, after trials with other mammals went extremely well.

“We gave our drug to a horse, and it instantly didn’t care anymore that we had cut off its legs for glue,” said Dr. Moore. “The same was true in other animals we tested it on. I personally volunteered to go first in the human trials, too, as as they were beginning, I had just gone through a nasty divorce with my cheating-whore wife, who I loved very dearly. After one shot, I barely even gave a shit anymore that she was sleeping with my best friend for 3 years behind my back.”

Booth Dr. Moore and London say that they are expecting FDC approval on their drug by the end of the year, with test continuing through the summer months.

Man Electrocuted, Dies While Smoking E-Cigarette

BOSTON, Massachusetts –  empire-news-electronic-cigarette-ecig-kills-man-electrocutes-boston-death

Michael Del, a 34 year old construction worker from Boston, Massachusetts, was killed early last Wednesday as the e-cigarette he was smoking sent a jolt of electricity through his body, knocking him unconscious. Del, who was on a lunch  break while working an overnight on job site in Cambridge, had reportedly been using the e-cigarettes to help quit smoking, a habit he had for nearly 20 years. He was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital where doctors were unable to revive him. They pronounced him dead at 7:18AM.

“Michael started smoking really young. It was my fault. I smoked around him all the time, and left cigarettes laying around,” Said Charmaine Del, Michael’s mother. “He had decided he wanted to quit. We both did, and we heard the e-cigs were a good way to help. So I bought us both one to get started. He’d only been using it for about a week.”

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Reports from the hospital were that Del had been using his e-cigarette while it was plugged into his truck, charging. E-cigarettets are small, pen-sized items that contain internal batteries, and smokers can add nicotine-infused flavor ‘cartridges’ into them. Just like a cell phone, the batteries can be charged, and most e-cigarettes come with USB charger similar to that of a phone.

The instructions for most e-cigarettes that have chargers insist that you do not try to use them while charging, but like most men Del apparently skipped the directions and opted to just try and figure out how they worked using trial-and-error. Unfortunately for him, the warnings posted on the package for this product were extremely important.

A representative for Black, INC., the manufacturer of the e-cigarette Del had purchased, released a statement expressing their condolences.

“We at Black are extremely saddened to learn that one of our products has caused the death of a customer. We are terribly sorry, as these unfortunate events are never easy for anyone. We send or deepest sympathies to his family. As this is the first such death from e-cigarettes though, we’d like to remind people that we’re still doing far better than Big Tobacco, whose death toll is in the millions.”

E-cigarettes have been a continued source of controversy since they first launched only a few short years ago, and the debate about their safety in comparison to a traditional cigarette has caused a stir in the medical community. This is the first death caused by e-cigarettes since their widespread use began in 2003.

Chinese Buffet Hopes To Rebuild Business With ‘Happy Ending’ Specials

BOSTON, Massachusetts – Chinese Buffet Hopes To Rebuild Business With 'Happy Ending' Specials

A Boston Chinese restaurant in Chinatown is offering a new, yet bizarre way to pack the seats at their buffet. King Kong Feast, a restaurant that has been a staple in the city for years but has lately seen a slip in business, is now offering a ‘Happy Ending’ with each meal purchase.

Although the numbers had been steadily decreasing, customers say it is because they have a new chef, and their chicken teriyaki on a stick hasn’t been the same since the change last September.

“We thought we’d offer our customers something they wouldn’t receive at any other restaurant,” said Lee Chow, owner of King Kong Feast buffet. “With this new change, we notice that our customers have been returning more frequently, and that new customers are coming more and more.”

“Personally, I don’t mind the handjob, but do they really have to use MSG grease as the lube?” said customer Mark R., who asked us to keep his last name private. “To be honest, they don’t have to go to these lengths. They just need to bring back their old recipe for their chicken teriyaki on a stick. Those things were delicious.”

Chow said he isn’t concerned with local police, because he says that all police officers are allowed to eat for free, and get the full ‘benefits’ as any paying customer.

“We have policemen who eat here all the time and they love our food and services. It’s a good relief for a lunch break. They have a stressful job, you know,” said Chow. “‘l’ve even been known to do the happiness myself for them, to show my appreciation for their hard work. These men love our foods, and they love our happy endings, too!”

The King Kong Feast buffet is open 7 days a week from 11am-10pm, and they say they don’t discriminate with the happy endings. “Women love a good rub-out after a meal, too!” said Chow.

Chain Reaction Heimlich Maneuver Saves Woman, Chokes Another

BOSTON, Massachusetts –  Chain Reaction Heimlich Maneuver Saves Woman, Chokes Another

Don’t call Carl McInerney a hero.  The unassuming groundskeeper from Roslindale, MA is just a regular guy, to hear him tell it.  But early last week his low-profile status instantly changed, when lifelong friends Jessica Hayes and Barbara “Bobbie” Clarke found themselves in trouble at an outdoor café.

“Bobbie and I were eating way too fast,” explained Hayes.  Clarke had just returned from a week’s vacation in Bali.  “I was telling her how I almost missed my plane home because I always run late. It’s like a running gag between us so we were laughing about it.”

Laughter turned to panic when Hayes showed signs of distress.  “All of a sudden I look up,” recalled Clarke, “and Jess wasn’t laughing anymore.  She was grabbing her throat and banging her hand on the table.”

That’s when McInerney unexpectedly joined them for lunch.  “It was my first day at work at the Arboretum so I was kind of in a hurry to get over there,”  Boston’s Arnold Arboretum is a much-loved public park, nature research facility and national landmark.  “I saw one lady, she was screaming over there and the other lady was hunched all over the table choking.”

McInerney explained what happened next.  “I ran over to the lady who was choking and did the Heimlich on her.  So then the food comes flying out of her mouth toward the other lady who was right across from her, and the other lady’s got her mouth hanging wide open ‘cause she was in shock, I guess, from being a witness to the whole thing.  So then the food comes flying out of the first lady’s mouth and goes right straight into her friend’s mouth, and gets stuck in her throat!  So then this second lady starts choking and now she can’t breathe.  I thought I was having a wicked nightmare or something.”

Instinct kicked in again, as McInerney quickly raced to the other side of the table and re-performed the lifesaving maneuver, this time on Clarke.

“I couldn’t believe it!” said Hayes, after regaining her breath.  “It was a cherry tomato that got us both, which was kind of gross, but now we joke about it.”

“Yeah,” echoed Clarke.  “We always say we share everything but this time it went too far!”

McInerney didn’t stay around long enough to receive the thanks he deserved.  “I made it to work just on time and told my new boss what happened.  They made me employee of the month the first day I was there!  It was crazy, and I said, ‘Is this for real?’”

McInerney, Hayes, and Clarke plan to have lunch together soon, “But this time,” joked Hayes, “we’re going to make it a liquid lunch!”

Derek Jeter Cancels Retirement, Signs 3-Year Contract With Boston Red Sox

BOSTON, Massachusetts – empire-news-derek-jeter-not-retiring-signs-3-year-deal-with-boston-red-sox

The franchise player Derek Jeter is sure to disappoint every New York Yankee fan in the world after deciding not to retire after this baseball season. One of their star players for years, Jeter has signed a multi-year deal with Yankees rival the Boston Red Sox.

According to sources, Boston has been eyeing the possibility of picking up Jeter since he announced he would retire after this year, his 20th season in the MLB. Reportedly, the deal will make him an additional $25 million a year for the 3 years of his contract.

Reports have confirmed that Jeter and his agents have agreed to the terms of the contract, and Jeter is signing on the dotted line Wednesday evening.

Rumors swirled across the league that the Red Sox sent Jeter an offer during the all-star break, but insiders say they didn’t believe that Jeter would be interested. After 20 years in baseball, the game has taken its toll on Jeter, and he reportedly was looking forward to giving up the game. Once Jeter’s lawyers got their hands on the contract, they persuaded him to take the deal.

“It was great to have Derek on the team and he has done a lot for this organization and will always be remembered for what he has down for this team,” said Yankees manager Joe Girardi. “I don’t know his exact future after this season, but he will not be playing in a Yankee uniform and never will again.”

Fans of both New York and Boston are vehemently against the signing. New York fans consider Jeter a traitor for signing with their biggest rival; Boston fans want nothing to do with the ‘face of the Yankees’ playing for their beloved team.

“The guy is a first-rate jerkoff,” said Burt O’Reilly, a Boston resident and a lifelong fan of the Red Sox. “He comes to our team, takes a wicked huge load of money, and he probably won’t do a damn thing for us. Screw Jeter. We don’t need him playing in Fenway.”

Players across the league have taken to social media to comment on the deal, with tweets being been made by several Yankees players, saying things like “Jeter made an A-Rod Move” and “Years of history will be ruined with one signature.”

 So far, Jeter has not commented publicly on his deal. A request for comments from Jeter’s management team was not immediately returned.



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