Internet To Shut Down On April 2nd For Routine Maintenance

Congress Shoots Down Net Neutrality, Passes Internet Usage Tax


The entire internet throughout the entire world will be shut down for routine maintenance on April 2nd, for what officials say will be approximately 12 hours.

“This is the first time we’ve had to do this since the internet was created, but approximately every 30 years or so, we need to take the entire internet offline for awhile so that we can make routine updates to the servers, wires, and networks,” said White House Technology Staffer Joe Goldsmith. “The US Government is working closely with private agencies in this country to make sure that all internet and bandwith meet a certain standard. Similar measures will be taking place throughout the rest of the world at the same time.”

According to Goldsmith, all major internet carriers will send out their own workers to update, replace, and generally tend to any issues or “holes” in their network. The repairs will be handled on an individual company basis, but that the government will oversee the entire project.

“We are extremely sorry for the issues, but all internet will be offline for just about half a day,” said Goldsmith. “This includes tablets, cell phones, computers, smart watches – literally anything that connects to the internet will not be able to connect for approximately 12 hours on April 2nd. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this will not happen again until the year 2050.”

Verizon Wireless Says Service Will Go Down For Scheduled Maintenance Nov. 1 – Nov. 30

LANSING, Virginia – 

Verizon Wireless, the nation’s largest cell phone carrier, announced today that it would be shutting down its network for the month of November for a slew of upgrades and maintenance to its vast array of towers throughout the country.

“We completely understand the issues this may cause, but at the same time, we receive massive complaints about our speeds and dead zones,” said Verizon CEO Mark Rodgers. “Although we would love to not have to take the entire network offline, it will make it easier for our technicians to work on the equipment. Come December 1st, we’ll be back up and running and faster and stronger than ever.”

Many customers have already complained to Verizon, saying that they will switch to a new carrier if left without service for a month, but Rodgers said he isn’t worried.

“Who are they going to switch to? T-Mobile? AT&T? Please, those companies are shit, and they know it,” said Rodgers. “They’ll stick it out with us, and in the end, they’ll be happy they did.”

Rodgers says that Verizon will not be pro-rating any charges for the downtime; customers will be expected to pay their bill in full for the month of November as normal.

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