Burger King Manager Fired After He Was Caught Eating McDonald’s Big Mac


SCRANTON, Pennsylvania – 

A lawsuit is underway after a Scranton, Pennsylvania Burger King manager was fired earlier this week because he was caught eating a Big Mac cheeseburger on his lunch break. Ron Berger, the now former store manager, was let go after 10 years with the Burger King chain after security footage showed him bringing the McDonald’s flagship burger into the restaurant he was in charge of.

There is no rule controlling what employees can or cannot eat while on their break, but Burger King “strongly suggested” that employees eat something off of their menu.

“I mean, it wasn’t the first time that I’ve brought in food from McDonald’s, but I guess it will be the last,” Said Berger. “I really enjoy Big Macs. They’re so delicious. I really just can’t resist the two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions – on a sesame seed bun…and it’s just a food item that Burger King doesn’t offer. It isn’t like I’m trying to take down Burger King one Big Mac at a time, they’re just damn delicious. I plan to sue for what they’ve done, and I feel that I’ll be finally able to order something other than an item off the dollar menu when I get my settlement check.”

Burger King Corporation has released a statement about the issue, and it comes as no surprise that they aren’t taking the side of the fired employee. McDonald’s has reportedly offered a job managing one of their locations to Berger, who has not decided if he wants to continue working in fast food.

Idaho Man Wins $23 Million Lottery, Tells Wife He Is Leaving Her On Live Television

ARCO, Idaho – Idaho Man Wins $23 Million Lottery, Tells Wife He Is Leaving Her On Live Television

Have you ever witnessed something while watching live television that makes you ask yourself, “Did that really happen?“.  Well, viewers of the KTVB Mid-Morning news experienced a truly bizarre, awkward case of the aforementioned scenario this morning.

Bill Gustafson, 44, and his wife, 43-year-old Naomi, of a humble small town named Arco, Idaho, were jumping for joy last night just after the WRKG News ended with the weekly drawing of the Super-Six Idaho Lottery. All six numbers matched the single row of digits on the crumpled up and mustard-stained one-dollar lottery ticket Bill had purchased at a quiet little convenience store called Grub, Gas & Go.

Mr. Gustafson reportedly called the lottery office just before the excited couple headed to Boise, and told them to have his check ready, that they would be there in three hours, probably less. As the couple arrived, waiting in  anticipation at the scene was KTVB News field reporter Michelle Clark, along with her cameraman.

Gustafson and his wife walked in and briefly met with Idaho Lottery spokesperson Stella Marie Johanson. Johanson then proceeded to ask  the couple if they would mind going on live television, where she would then present the ceremonial ‘big check‘. The couple agreed excitedly.

It was on live TV that things took a really awkward turn. Just after Gustafson was presented the over-sized check, Clark asked him what the couple planned to do with their big winnings. “Well, first of all I’m gonna divorce my fat ass, bitch wife! Hell, I don’t know why she’s still around anyway. She loves Ronald McDonald more than she loves me!”

Stunned by the announcement, Clark then laughed as if she was waiting for Mr. Gustafson to do the same, or offer a punchline. He never did. Neither did Mrs. Gustafson, who turned beet red. Mrs. Gustafson then smacked her husband across the face, which led to him beating his wife with the over-sized $23 million check. In the control room, KTVB quickly cut away from the scene, back to a visibly shocked pair of co-anchors on the set of the KTVB News who were barely able to hide their laughter.

As Clark told the story on the KTVB evening news, she closed with the famous saying, “When it comes to live television, always expect the unexpected when least expected, you never know what you’re gonna get.” The winning couple are reportedly getting divorced, and are fighting for custody of the over-sized TV check.

McDonald’s Restaurants Plans Lawsuit Against Man Who Named His Son ‘Big Mac’

CLEVELAND, Ohio – McDonald's Restaurants Plans Lawsuit Against Man Who Named His Son 'Big Mac'

Carl Powell, 35, is facing a major lawsuit from popular fast food chain McDonald’s after naming his first-born son Big Mac Powell. Powell feels that the lawsuit is ridiculous, and that they should be paying him for the additional publicity that his son’s name will give them.

“It’s crazy man, I’ve never faced anything like this before,” said Powell. “I hate that a big company like that thinks they can just push around someone small like me. I mean their motto is ‘Have It Your Way,’ isn’t it? No, wait, that’s not right is it? That’s Burger King. I eat a lot of fast food so sometimes I mix things up.”

McDonald’s has yet to comment on the lawsuit, but a letter sent to the Powell household by the company expressed that either Powell change his son’s name, or he’d be sued for millions.

Ironically, Powell’s net worth is  just over $4 million dollars, after he won a lawsuit against McDonald’s in the 1990s. The lawsuit against the company occurred because Powell choked on a Big Mac while dining inside of a McDonald’s restaurant, and the entire staff watched him choke, while doing nothing. He lost consciousness, and fell into a coma for weeks.

“When I finally awoke in the hospital bed, a lawyer was standing over my bed asking if I wanted to become a millionaire. It was the happiest moment of my life – well, up until having my baby boy Big Mac. That the reason I named him that, to honor the day I became a millionaire, and because even though one almost killed me, Big Macs are delicious.”

Powell has hired a lawyer to defend his right to name his child whatever he likes.

“This is America, damn it. Where a man can eat a Big Mac, name his son Big Mac, or have sex with a Big Mac, if he chooses. McDonald’s may have given me these millions, but they’re sure as hell going to fight to take them away.”


McDonald’s Reveals Ingredients In Big Mac ‘Secret Sauce’; You Won’t Believe What’s In It

OAK BROOK, Illinois – McDonalds Reveals Ingredients In Big Mac's 'Secret Sauce'; You Won't Believe What's In It

McDonald’s Corporation has always been a company of speculations and urban legends – everything from styrofoam being used in their shakes to kangaroo meat in their burgers. No matter what the rumor was, though, McDonald’s usually didn’t make a statement about it at all, choosing to remain quiet and ignore detractors. This morning, though, the company chose to make an announcement that would put an end to some speculation over a popular item on their menu.

Since the release of the iconic Big Mac, one of McDonald’s most popular menu items, people have been asking the same question for years: What is in that special sauce? Even the once-popular jingle for the burger, “Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun,” mentions it – but kept the tangy, sweet sauce ingredients a mystery. Even movies like Nickelodeon’s Good Burger parodied the “secret sauce” concept. It’s been talked about for years, but never publicly commented on by anyone from the restaurant.

Finally, after years of wondering, curiosity, and frustration, CEO Donald Thompson has put the debates to rest.

“It’s just Thousand Island dressing, salt, sugar, and generic Miracle Whip,” said Thompson. “Were you expecting it to be something super-special-secret? Sorry to disappoint. It’s good though, right? People have been saying for years that it was just dressing, but we thought it was something ‘special,’ and we wanted to keep it that way.”

An anonymous source from inside McDonald’s has said that Thompson finally announced the ingredients to the sauce because the company is planning on brining out a new, major food item that they say could very well replace the Big Mac as its flagship menu item.

“The new item, it’s not really a burger. Well, I don’t want to say too much,” said the source. “But think about this – would they really tell everyone what the ‘secret sauce’ was made of if there wasn’t something bigger and better coming down the pipeline? You’ll just have to wait and see.”


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